Does Tea Break A Fast? [Intermittent Fasting FAQ]

Does tea break a fast? Can you drink while fasting? In this guide, we will answer all of your questions regarding tea and fasting.

does tea break a fast

Does tea break intermittent fasting? If you new to fasting or curious about what you can drink besides plain water, you may be wondering if a cup of tea will affect your fast. Keep reading to learn more.

Does Tea Break A Fast?

No, plain tea will not break your fast. It is safe to consume tea while fasting.

Does Tea Break A Fast – Further Details

Plain tea is safe to drink while fasting. However, you cannot add milk or any sweeteners to your tea while fasting. These added ingredients will spike your insulin levels and remove you from a fasted state.

It’s also important to be mindful of fruity and flavorful teas. Sometimes these teas can cause an insulin spike, which would break your fast.

Does Green Tea Break A Fast?

No, green tea does not break a fast. It is safe to drink green tea while fasting. If you are consuming bottled or iced green tea, make sure that you confirm the ingredients only contain water and green tea. Any additional ingredients or sweeteners may break your fast.

Does Matcha Break A Fast?

No, matcha will not break a fast. It is safe to consume matcha with hot water while fasting. For more details, read our guide about does matcha break a fast.

Does Herbal Tea Break A Fast?

No, plain herbal tea will not break your fast. You can drink herbal tea while fasting. For more information and detail, read our guide on does herbal tea break a fast.

Does Black Tea Break A Fast?

No, plain black tea will not break your fast. You can consume black tea while fasting.

Does Peppermint Tea Break A Fast?

No, peppermint tea will not break your fast. You can consume plain peppermint tea while you are fasting.

This article is all about does tea break intermittent fasting and tea during intermittent fasting.

What Teas Break Your Fast?

What teas should you avoid while fasting? Here are several teas that break your fast that should be avoided.

Any Fruity Or Flavorful Tea

Fruity and flavorful teas typically spike your insulin levels and break your fast. This also includes adding fruit to your teas. For example, don’t add lemon to your green tea as this would break your fast.

Any Tea With Milk, Creamer Or Sweetener

Do not add anything to your tea while you are fasting! If you want to sweeten your tea, consume it during your eating window.

Benefits Of Drinking Tea While Fasting

There are many benefits of drinking tea while fasting. Here are a few:

  • Tea is very hydrating
  • Can help with appetite control
  • Tea is packed with antioxidants
  • Can assist with digestion

What Can I Consume While Fasting?

If you are following a clean fast, you can consume the following items when fasting:

  • Water (unflavored, no added fruit)
  • Black coffee
  • Plain green tea or black tea
  • Mineral water, unflavored sparkling water, seltzer water (with no added ingredients)
  • Salt, electrolytes, or minerals (unflavored, no additives)
  • Medications as prescribed by your doctor
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