What Can You Drink While Fasting? A Complete Guide

If you’re new to intermittent fasting, you might be wondering what you can drink while fasting. In this article, we will walk you through all of the fasting-approved beverages and also which ones to avoid. Keep reading to learn more.

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This post is all about what you can drink while fasting.

Why Does What You Drink Matter While Fasting?

During your fast, you do not want to consume anything that spikes your insulin levels. Spiking your insulin levels by drinking something sweet would take you out of a fasted state. This is often called clean fasting.

Fasting and being in a fasted state is about much more than limiting calories. When we are in a fasted state, we can access our stored body fat more efficiently and we are more likely to experience ketosis and autophagy. Because our body can only do these things in a fasted state, it’s important to remain in a fasted state and not spike our insulin levels while fasting.

What Can You Drink While Fasting?


Water is always a great choice when fasting! You can opt for plain water (unflavored, no fruit), mineral water, unflavored sparkling water or unflavored seltzer water.


Black coffee is another great option! Do not add any sugar, sweeteners or creamer to your coffee during your fasted window. When purchasing coffee grounds or pre-made iced coffee – make sure the only ingredient is coffee.


Plain green or black tea is another great choice! Do not add any sweeteners to your tea. Avoid fruity, flavored tea during your fasting window.


Unflavored electrolytes, made with no additives, are also a fasting-approved beverage. Electrolytes can be very beneficial for staying hydrated, especially during extended fasts.

what can you drink while fasting

What Should You Avoid Drinking While Fasting?

Diet soda and regular soda

It doesn’t matter if the soda has zero calories. Both diet soda and regular soda break you fast.

Lemon water or adding any other fruit to your water

Adding fruit to your water gives your water flavor, which will likely spike your insulin levels.

Bone broth

Bone broth is a healthy beverage, but not approved for consumption during your fast.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, but if you choose to consume it, consume it during your eating window.

Protein shakes

Protein shakes or protein powders should be avoided during your fast. Any type of protein shakes and powders will break your fast and spike your insulin levels.

Sweetened coffee or tea

If you really look forward to coffee with creamer, drink it during your eating window! Sweeteners, creamers and sugars are not approved for your fasting window as they will break your fast.


This should be a no-brainer, but in case you are unsure, alcohol is not approved during your fasting window. No type of alcohol, even shots without mixers, should be consumed during your fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink zero calorie beverages when fasting?

Just water, coffee and plain green tea or black tea.

Can I drink lemon water while fasting?

No. Do not add any fruit to your water while fasting.

Can I drink Diet Coke while intermittent fasting?

No. Even though Diet Coke does not contain calories, it is not a fasting-approved beverage. Diet Coke contains other ingredients that spike your insulin levels, therefore taking you out of a fasted state.

Will 15 calories break my fast?

It’s not necessarily the calories that matter, it’s the fact that your insulin levels may spike, which would take you out of a fasted state.

What is a dirty fast?

A dirty fast is consuming beverages other than water, plain green or black tea or coffee. A dirty fast is a fast that likely spikes your insulin levels, removing you from the fasted state.

Bottom Line

Hopefully you now have a clear understanding of what you can drink while you are fasting. In summary, if it’s something besides water, plain green or black tea or black coffee – it’s best to wait to drink it until you are done fasting.

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This post was all about what you can drink while fasting.