Easy Salsa Chicken

Easy Salsa Chicken

I’m always looking for quick recipes that taste good and are healthy! This is one of my favorites! It’s simple, budget-friendly and delicious! All you need is a crockpot, boneless skinless chicken breasts and salsa!

Easy Salsa Chicken


  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 16 oz jar of salsa


  1. Place frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot. You can use as many as you would like.
  2. Dump your entire jar of salsa over the frozen chicken breasts.
  3. Set your crockpot for 8 hours and enjoy!

Note: There are many ways to enjoy this dish. When I get home, I like to take a fork and shred all the chicken, so it is easy to use in many ways!

One way I eat this meal is by making healthy tacos! Buy whole wheat, high fiber tortillas and make tacos using the chicken, salsa, veggies of your choice and a dollop of plain greek yogurt -it tastes like sour cream, but is a healthier option!

Another option would be to use the shredded chicken to place on top of a salad. I often make a salad using spinach, top with the shredded chicken and use extra salsa as the dressing.

A third choice would be making healthy nachos! Bake or buy sweet potato chips, top with shredded chicken, greek yogurt, salsa and anything else you desire on your nachos.

When preparing this dish you can choose to throw in more chicken breasts than needed for dinner and use that chicken for meal prepping lunches for the rest of the week!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy shredded chicken? Share your ideas in the comments below!