Will Collagen Break A Fast? [Intermittent Fasting FAQ]

Will collagen break a fast? If you have ever wondered this, you aren’t alone. Keep reading to learn more!

will collagen break a fast

Does collagen break a fast? It can be confusing to figure out what is allowed during your fast and what is not. Different experts also have different opinions on what can be consumed while fasting. I personally follow a clean fast.

This means that I do not consume anything that will spike my insulin levels while I am fasting. Following a clean fast gives me the best results for weight loss, maintaining weight loss and healing my body.

Will Collagen Break A Fast?

Yes, collagen will break a fast. Collagen has amino acids which can produce a small insulin response, therefore breaking your fast.

Will Collagen Break A Fast – Further Details

Do collagen peptides break a fast? Yes, collagen will break a fast. But let’s dive into more details and understand why collagen breaks a fast.

Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced in our bodies and found in connective tissues, skin, bones, cartilage and tendons. Consuming additional collagen as a supplement can be very beneficial! Collagen supports skin hydration, skin elasticity, may reduce wrinkles, supports bones and joints and helps with gut health.

A collagen supplement contains amino acids. Amino acids can produce an insulin response, which breaks your fast. It’s possible that the insulin spike could be small enough and not disrupt your fast, but to be on the safe side, it’s best to avoid collagen while you are fasting.

Instead, consume collagen during your eating window!

This article is all about does collagen powder break a fast.

What Can I Consume While Fasting?

If you are following a clean fast, you can consume the following items when fasting:

  • Water (unflavored, no added fruit)
  • Black coffee
  • Plain green tea or black tea
  • Mineral water, unflavored sparkling water, seltzer water
  • Salt, electrolytes or minerals (unflavored, no additives)
  • Medications as prescribed by your doctor

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what's a clean fast

When I Can I Consume Collagen?

If you want to add collagen to your daily regimen, consume it when your window is open! While you fast, stick to water, black coffee and tea. When your window opens, consume collagen with anything you’d life!

If you are looking for a high-quality collagen supplement, we recommend Further Food Collagen. Further Food collagen comes in a variety of flavors and is made without any fillers and junk!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does collagen in coffee break a fast?

To avoid spiking your insulin levels, do not add collagen to your coffee while fasting. If you enjoy collagen in your coffee, drink it during your eating window!

Can I take collagen pills while I’m fasting?

No, it is not advised to take collagen pills while you are fasting. If you would like to consume collagen pills, take them during your eating window.

Does collagen break a fast?

Yes, collagen does break a fast. If you want to consume collagen, it is best to consume it during your eating window.