35 Hostess Gifts For Any Occasion

35 Hostess Gifts For Any Occasion

It’s always a great idea to thank your hosts! Whether you stayed at a friend’s vacation home or attended a recent event, there’s many ways you can say thank you. A hand-written thank you note and a bottle of wine are always nice, but in 

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2020

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2020

It can be challenging to figure out what to add in stockings for your family. Whether you are filling a stocking for your husband, parents or siblings, there are sure to be some ideas you can use! Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning 

Gifts For Him Under $25

Gifts For Him Under $25

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your Dad, hubby, boyfriend or brother, but have a budget to stick to, you’ve come to the right place.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The perfect gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some great options, all under $25.

Gifts For Him Under $25

1. Carhartt beanie

You can’t go wrong with the classic Carhartt beanie. You’re sure to reach for it every time the wind gets blustery and the temperatures start to drop.

Positive review: “My wife bought this for me as a stocking stuffer last X-Mas. I have been using this to keep my bald head warm through the winter, and it does a fantastic job. Outdoors, my head and ears stay nice and warm, which helps to keep the rest of me feeling the same. In fact, this guy works so well, I have to immediately remove it upon entering the indoors, otherwise, I’ll be sweating in minutes. Highly recommended. And, when this one finally wears out, I’ll most likely just find this in my order history and simply click reorder.” –C. Carver

2. Wallet Ninja

The Wallet Ninja has the power of 20 reliable, functional, everyday tools in the size of a credit card. Tools that are included: mirror & nail file, 6 Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, eyeglasses, Phillips, and Flat head screwdriver!

Positive review: “Really neat, practical gift. I gave it to my husband as a gift so he would always have a screwdriver on him. Needless to say he uses it all the time.” –Kirk

3. Beard Shaving Bib

Save yourself (and your spouse!) from going insane trying to clean up all those little hairs after your shave! 

Positive review: “I’ve never used a beard bib before this one. I’ve used it twice now and it’s pretty awesome. I shave my head and trim my beard using the bib and it’s cut down hugely on the post grooming clean up. Great product!” –Paul

4. Grilling Spices

If the guy in your life is passionate about cooking or spends time grilling, a set of grilling spices would be a great gift.

Positive review: “My husband and I do a lot of grilling in the summer. Lately, we’ve been cooking out on a daily basis because of the heat. I recently received FreshJax Grilling Spices for review and I couldn’t be more thrilled with them. This is definitely something we’ll be ordering more of and sharing with family and friends.” –Josie B

5. Wireless Charging Station

Charge all of your devices in one place and say goodbye to messy wires.

Positive review: “This thing is freaking sweet! For 20 bucks, I expected it’d be a dud or have output issues but a month in its going strong. Buying a second for my wife.” –Jeremy

6. Quick Dry Golf Polo

This golf polo is made of lightweight, performance quick-dry fabric. It is also moisture-wicking to help keep you dry.

Positive review: “These shirts are great. Lightweight, breathes well, and has outstanding comfort. They don’t shrink much after washing either. I bought several of them because of their outstanding fit. I recommended them to a guy at work and he bought 4. They fit great and are extremely comfortable.” –Seth

7. Beverage Chilling Stones

Chill your drink without watering it down. No mess and reusable!

Positive review: “I stopped using ice and Love the taste of undiluted Bourbon/Whiskey and scotch with these stones. The stones are just the right size, use two or more per drink to chill the drink, it also makes it look very nice.” –Vic

8. The Little Black Book of Cocktails

This bestselling Little Black Book of Cocktails includes more than 150 recipes!

Positive review: “An easy to use bar guide. Well indexed and with easy to follow directions. It’s compact and spiral-bound, making it lay flat and stay open to the page you’re viewing. I’m very pleased with this purchase!” –Mark

9. Reusable Rubber Twist Tie

No more single-use cable ties or zip ties, these Reusable Rubber Twist Ties can be used over and over again to organize cords, wrap headphones, and for endless other tasks at home, in the office, or on the job site.

Positive review: “At first I thought this was a glorified twist-tie, and could not believe people would pay for these. Then a friend showed me some uses I had not thought of, and I purchased a package. I was definitely wrong; these are very handy and worth the cost!” –Hathi

10. BBQ Meat Forks

These high-quality BBQ meat forks will dominate chicken, beef, brisket, turkey, poultry, hams, roasts, and anything from your slow cooker, grill, or smoker in record time.

Positive review: “If you smoke any type of meat and you want to effectively shred it, these are the claws for you! I must caution you, be very careful how you handle these claws. If you’re not careful, you can really do some damage to yourself! I smoked a pork butt and had to put it in the refrigerator because I didn’t have time to shred it right then. Since the meat was cold, I thought it would be tough to shred it but, I was wrong! Using these claws totally crushed it! I think I finished shredding that 7 or 8lb pork butt in about 10 to 15 minutes. Clean up isn’t a problem as long as you have something like a toothbrush that reach into the nooks and crannies. You can pick up a 10 lb brisket with no problem using these claws!” –OldSchool81

Bottom Line

Buying a great gift within budget is possible! Hopefully this gift guide for him under $25 will help you find the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Gifts For Him Under $25

Gift Guide For Him 2020

Gift Guide For Him 2020

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging! Here are some of the most popular gifts for the guys in your life.  Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no 

Gift Guide For Her 2020

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Canva 2020 Review: Online Design Made Easy

Canva 2020 Review: Online Design Made Easy

What is Canva? Check out this detailed Canva review to learn everything you need to know about designing online!

Please note: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. 

What is Canva? 

Canva is a web-based platform that allows anyone to create beautiful presentations, social media graphics, graphs, and more through the use of professional layouts. This online software has simple drag-and-drop design templates to make online design simple. 

Canva is very user-friendly and intuitive and can be used to create both print and online graphics. Currently, Canva has over 15 million monthly active users.

Canva Plans

Here is a breakdown of all of the different plan options that Canva offers.

Canva Free

Price: Free

Best for: for individuals and small groups working on quick projects

  • 8,000+ free templates
  • 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, etc.)
  • Hundreds of thousands of free stock photos and graphics

Canva Pro 

Price: $9.95/month billed yearly or $12.95/month billed monthly

Best for: for individuals and small teams who need more customization and productivity

Everything Free has, plus:

  • Create your brand’s visual identity with logos, colors and fonts in 1 Brand Kit
  • One-click design resize
  • 60,000+ free templates
  • 60+ million premium stock images, photos, videos and graphics
  • Upload your own fonts and logos
  • Custom templates

Canva Enterprise

Price: $30/month, billed yearly

Best for: for larger teams who need advanced brand and collaboration control

Everything Pro has, plus:

  • Establish your brand’s visual identity with logos, colours and fonts across multiple Brand Kits
  • Control what team members can see, access, and upload in Canva with brand controls
  • Built-in workflows to get approval on your designs
  • Protect your design from team edits with advanced template locking
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single-sign on
  • 24/7 support

Canva Pro is available for free for nonprofits and schools. 

How Does Canva Compare? 

How does Canva compare to other top online graphic design software? Check out the comparison chart below. For the sake of this comparison, our team sourced simple design software platforms similar to Canva and left out more complex options such as InDesign and Photoshop. 

Though all of these options look relatively similar in this comparison chart, Canva and PicMonkey are far superior than the other choices. The other programs are less comprehensive than Canva and many offer storage for only a certain number of designs. 

What Can You Design On Canva?

You can design virtually anything you desire on Canva! There are over 60,000 templates and you can also create your own designs from scratch. Here are just a few of the many items you can create on Canva. 

  • Social media graphics such as Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Twitter graphics, Pinterest pins, Facebook cover photos, YouTube thumbnails, etc. 
  • Documents, such as presentations, letters, resumes and more.
  • Birthday cards, photo collages, photo books.
  • Marketing materials such as logos, business cards, posters, banners, brochures, media kits, etc.
  • Ads such as banner ads, Facebook ads. 
  • Education worksheets, lesson plans, table of contents, class schedules, etc. 
  • Event invitations, announcements, wedding invitations.
  • Menus
  • Newsletters
  • Calendars

Canva History

The idea of Canva began in 2007 by Melanie Perkins. At the time, Perkins was studying at the University of Western Australia and was teaching students how to use programs like InDesign and Photoshop. Perkins found that there was a steep learning curve for InDesign and Photoshop. Perkins told that “it could take a whole semester to learn the very basics. Even the simplest tasks, like exporting a high-quality PDF file, could take 22 clicks.” Perkins wanted to solve this problem and come up with a simpler solution. 

Perkins came up with an idea to create an online tool to create school yearbooks. Cliff Obrecht and Perkins took out a loan to build Fusion Books. Fusion books is now the largest school yearbook publisher in Australia and is gaining popularity in France and New Zealand. 

After their success with Fusion Books, Obrecht and Perkins knew that their technology could be used beyond the yearbook market. They partnered with Cameron Adams and Canva was launched in 2012 to select professionals. As of January 2014, Canva had 150,000 users and opened publicly. As of 2020, Canva has over 15 million monthly users. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for simple design software, Canva is the best choice@ Canva is perfect for inspiration, templates, and a simple way to design graphics, flyers, logos, and more.

Start designing beautiful graphics today with Canva

Child Sex Trafficking Is Not a Conspiracy

Child Sex Trafficking Is Not a Conspiracy

Child sex trafficking is not a consipiracy. Period.  No matter where you stand politically, no matter what your beliefs are, child sex trafficking is very real and very scary. It’s happening in your city, in your neighborhood and at your local mall.  I first learned 

22 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

22 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Impress your dad with a thoughtful Father’s Day gift, even at the last minute! All of these items can be purchased on Amazon, so Prime shipping can save the day even at the last minute. I hope you like the products I recommend! This post 

Is Your Inner Mean Girl Controlling You?

Is Your Inner Mean Girl Controlling You?

Today I have a guest post by Leah Pardee from Candid Confidence. She is sharing her top tips on increasing your confidence. Enjoy!

We all know her. She is the voice that greets you when you look in the mirror.  She pipes up as soon as you glance at a selfie. She is lurking around every corner, using any excuse possible to remind you of your insecurities.

She is your inner mean girl, or Regina, as I often call her.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

How My Inner Mean Girl Has Shown Up In My Life

Regina has shown up differently in each period of my life. In middle school, she told me everyone hated me. Then, in high school, she made me question whether I was good enough for the boys I liked. In college, she had me wondering if I was smart enough for certain career paths.  

After college, in my first few jobs, she told me people respected male leadership more. She told me I was too young to be in management. 

She always made me wonder how people really felt about me. As if I could ever really know! As if it even mattered. 

Where Does This Voice Come From? 

So who is this person, this thing? It is your inner critic, your “shadow” living in your subconscious mind. She has a built-up repertoire of your innermost insecurities, and she reminds you of them any chance she gets. 

When we have a repetitive thought, often triggered by an event in our lives, backed up by an emotion – we create a belief. These beliefs are hard to identify all at once because they don’t live in our conscious mind. And far too often, they are negative.  

These are what we refer to as limiting beliefs.  

These limiting beliefs are what fuels our inner mean girl. She is a fiend for them. Why? Because when we have decided on a belief, the brain’s Reticular Activating System is constantly seeking to validate it.  

This is for our own efficiency, but it also means we are always looking for confirmation of these negative beliefs.

This makes us believe them even more, of course. Why wouldn’t we?  It is what our brain points out to us. It is constantly being confirmed. 

Recognizing Your Inner Mean Girl

Regina is an evil dictator. How do you overthrow an evil dictator? You take away her resources. She would be nothing without her high-status man-candy, technically good physique, and evil band of loyal followers….

Okay – yes, that was a mean girls quote. But I’m only half kidding. 

Regina only has the power over us that we allow her to have. The scariest thing, though, is that it is so hard to recognize when it is her talking or when it is you talking.  

It is MUCH easier to identify Regina in a friend. Do you have a friend that talks negatively about herself? Calls herself fat, thinks she isn’t good enough to ask for a raise, is afraid of taking the next step in her career, makes decisions out of worrying what others will think of her… 

So easy to identify, right? We know that our friend is smart, capable, beautiful and worth so much more than she gives herself credit for, right? But she can’t see it.

That’s because it is her Regina speaking things into her mind. Showing her only the validation for those limiting beliefs in her outer world.  

Regina points it out to her that she is much younger than the other candidates for the job, so why try? She points out that guys have rejected her in the past, so why go to speed dating and try?  

Regina also likes to show her face when you get a compliment. Start paying attention to the kind things people say to you. Does your gut reaction make you say “Really??? This old thing??”, or make you think “Yeah, right, she’s just being nice! I look like crap today”. THAT, my friends, is Regina herself. 

Okay, so maybe you are seeing how Regina operates now. Maybe you even recognize some of the times when you listened to her more than you should have. Maybe you are realizing the ways in which she holds you back. 

If so, great! We are ready to start overthrowing the evil dictator. 

Overthrowing The Mean Girl

So how do we figure out what are the limiting beliefs, the lies, that Regina has been spewing into our minds? And how do we separate it from what is truly us??

If it feels limiting, restricting, or tells you that you can’t have what you want– it is a limiting belief.  

That is it. Any belief that doesn’t empower you is a lie.

Meditation has helped me so much in overthrowing my Regina.  

It also requires a daily commitment to your own happiness. I made a decision to stop picking myself apart in the mirror. I decided it was time to accept my flaws and start loving myself. And while it didn’t happen overnight, little by little I learned to separate her voice from my own. 

It changed my life. 

Now, I go throughout my day with a much clearer mind. When negative emotions come up, about me or someone else, I quickly analyze it and decide whether to listen or not. It all happens in a matter of seconds. 

Analyzing Our Insecurities 

When the negative self-talk happens, ask yourself: Is this absolutely true?  

  • Is it true that men “always” reject me, so I shouldn’t try speed dating?  
  • Is it true that I won’t be pretty with my natural hair color? (Digging deeper: Are there any attractive people with my natural hair color? Okay, so it isn’t true then, is it?)
  • People will laugh at me if I  ______.  (How can you know for sure?  If you can predict laughter, why aren’t you a stand-up comedian?) 

See where we are going with this? Your limiting beliefs are lies. 

Unless you have hardcore evidence that it is always true AND it feels good and right to hold onto the belief….let it go. 

Ask yourself if a friend had the same belief as you do, what would you tell her? Try to look at it from a perspective other than your own. 

Byron Katie describes this process beautifully in her book Loving What Is. She teaches a method of picking apart each belief in a way that makes you see the truth behind it. 

The first step is awareness. Once we know how all of this works, we can be on the lookout for Regina. When she starts to spew her lies, right from her Burn Book – we’ll know it is her.  

We can remind ourselves of any situation that opposes the “truth” she is trying to make us see. We can decide not to listen to our inner mean girl anymore.  

Remember at the end of the movie, when everyone becomes nice? Let’s skip to that part. Kick your inner mean girl to the curb once and for all.

To learn more about Leah Pardee, you can visit her website! Leah is also the host of Candid Confidence Podcast.

Quarantine Thoughts- Day 30

Quarantine Thoughts- Day 30

What a strange time. We keep hearing that what we are living through right now will be in our kid’s future history books. Somehow, that doesn’t make any of this easier. I have been self-quarantined since March 12, 2020. As of today, I have been