Qualia Senolytic Review: The Best Supplement For Combatting Aging

Check out this Qualia Senolytic review to learn everything you need to know about combatting aging at a cellular level.

Qualia Senolytic review

What is Qualia Senolytic? How can it benefit you? How can it help with aging? Keep reading to get all of your questions answered.

What Is Qualia Senolytic?

Qualia Senolyic is a a supplement designed to protect against the potential effects of senescent cells, making “room” in tissues for more youthful cells and promoting whole-body rejuvenation.

Senolytics are at the leading edge of anti-aging research. The latin word senex means “old” and lysis means “to break down or destroy.” So senolytics loosely translates as: “to destroy the old”. 

Senolytics is a word describing an increasingly studied class of ingredients with evidence that shows they support our body’s ability to eliminate old defective cells (called senescent cells).

In summary, senolytics can have an incredibly positive impact on how we age and how we feel. 

Qualia Senolytic is a non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and fasting-friendly supplement made with 7 senolytic ingredients and two additional ingredients). These ingredients are:

  • Fisetin: A flavonol found in certain fruits and vegetables like persimmon and strawberry that support tissue by helping with pruning of stressed cells. 
  • Piperlongumine: An extract from the long-pepper plant of Asia that promotes senolytic and immune functions to help support stressed cells.
  • Quercefit®: A bioabsorbable form of quercetin to support pruning of stressed cells and healthy changes to their behavior and characteristics.
  • Senactiv®: A patented blend of notoginseng root and chestnut rose hips that supports exercise recovery and management of senescent cells in muscle.

How Senolytic Ingredients Support Overall Health

To understand why senolytic ingredients can make an amazing difference in supporting overall health (especially age-related health)*, here is a good analogy from Neurohacker Collective:

Think of why a gardener prunes plants. 

While most leaves on a plant are healthy and green, a few are yellow and sickly. These leaves are no longer functioning and adding health to the plant. In fact, they’re preventing greater health to the plant, because they’re using the plant’s limited resources to dysfunctionally occupy space on the plant, which wastes plant resources on dysfunctioning leaves. 

So a gardener prunes the yellow, sickly leaves off a plant so more plant resources can go to young green leaves functioning properly. 

In this same way, our bodies accumulate old, defective senescent cells as we age. Senolytic ingredients metaphorically help us “prune” senescent cells by promoting the ability of senescent cells to eliminate themselves through a process called apoptosis.*

This supports our normal capacity for tissue repair, as our body increasingly becomes composed of healthy cells up to the task of repairing and maintaining itself.* 

A great senolytic supplement can be thought of almost like a bodily cleanse for the aging process to address the most negative aspects of aging.* 

And a great senolytic supplement can be taken just a couple days a month, just as you’d only prune a plant occasionally.*

Benefits Of Qualia Senolytic

Here are some of the most notable benefits of Qualia Senolytic:

  • Targets cellular senescence (one of the nine Hallmarks of Aging)
  • Combats aging at the cellular level
  • Helps the body decrease the burden of senescent cells
  • Supports the body’s tissue rejuvenation process 
  • Maintains healthy physical function with age
Qualia Senolytic

Who Should Take Qualia Senolytic

  • Anyone who would like to promote overall health
  • Individuals who want to combat aging at a cellular level
  • Anyone who wants to support their body’s tissue rejuvenation process

How It Works

  • Selectively targets senescent cells
  • Promotes senolytic activity
  • Helps normal clearance of senescent cells from tissue
  • Helps make room for youthful healthy cells
  • Supports normal tissue repair and revitalization

What Makes Qualia Senolytic Different?

Qualia Senolytic provides rare and powerful compounds that have scientifically shown senolytic activity, and which collectively cover a broader range of mechanisms than existing senolytic supplements on the market.

How To Take Qualia Senolytic

To use Qualia Senolytic, consume 2 days each month. Intermittent short-duration dosing is the most common way that senolytics are used in studies. Data suggests that it can take weeks for senescent cells to re-accumulate in the body.

What Is Senescence? 

Cellular senescence has been called one of the Hallmarks of Aging. It is the process by which cells age, stop dividing and potentially accumulate over time – affecting the healthy function of tissues and organs as we get older.

Qualia Senolytic benefits

Click here to try Qualia Senolytic with no financial risk for 100 days, and enter code MACYMICHELLE at checkout for an extra 15% off. 

You’ll be glad you took action and began addressing senolytic support in your diet years from now, when their importance for better aging starts becoming common knowledge. * 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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