127 Non-Food Rewards For Weight Loss That You Need To Know

Looking for non food rewards for weight loss? This list of 120+ non-food rewards for weight loss can keep you motivated.

non food rewards for weight loss

Celebrating any occasion or life event often means rewarding ourselves with food. While treating ourselves with food is okay once in a while, food rewards are not always beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. 

When I first started to eat better and take care of my body, I noticed how much our society focuses on food. If we are celebrating or grieving, happy, sad, or angry – we eat and reward ourselves with food. When we meet up with friends, celebrate holidays, grieve the loss of a loved one – we fill ourselves with food. 

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This post is all about non food rewards for weight-loss and reward ideas for weight loss.

127 Non-Food Rewards For Weight Loss

Here are some of the top rewards for weight loss as well as mini rewards for weight loss:

1. Have An At-Home Spa Day

Treat yourself to a spa day at home! Put on a face mask, paint your nails and take time for the little things! You can even get fancy and cut a cucumber to put on your eyes.

2. Take A Bubble Bath

Get out the nice bubble bath, grab a book and take time for a nice long bubble bath. If you have kiddos or pets, close the door and truly take time for yourself.

3. Read A Book

Allow yourself time to get lost in a good book!

4. Color In A Coloring Book

When is the last time you sat down and colored? Coloring can be so relaxing! Put on some music or a podcast and color!

5. Go To The Library

Stop by your local library and browse! Find some books that you’re interested in and bring them home. Take time to wander the library!

6. Watch Your Favorite Show On Netflix

Sit down and binge watch your favorite show! It always feels like a treat to curl up with your favorite show.

7. Get A Massage

Treat yourself to a massage! Massages always feel amazing, but they feel extra amazing if your muscles are from working out. Be sure to ask about potential package pricing to save money! You could purchase a package and schedule your next appointment when you reach your next goal! Talk about a great weight loss incentive!

8. Buy Yourself A New Outfit

There’s nothing better than a new outfit you feel amazing in! This would also be a great idea for a weight loss goal reward idea. You could pick out an outfit that you will buy when you hit a specific weight loss goal.

9. Get A Pedicure

Relax and unwind while you get a pedicure.

10. Get Your Nails Done

If pedicures aren’t your thing, get your nails done!

11. Treat Yourself To A Hair Blowout

It feels so good to have someone else do your hair! Treat yourself to a blowout and enjoy how amazing your hair looks!

12. Listen To Music

If the weather allows, roll your windows down and turn up the music! Go for a drive just because and listen to music that you love!

This post is all about non food rewards for weight-loss.

13. Take A Nap

Give yourself permission to take a nap. You’ve earned it!

14. Sit Outside In Nature

There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting outside in nature. Set your phone down and truly soak up the sounds, smells and sights around you. Bonus – spending time in nature is great for reducing stress!

non food rewards for weight loss

This post is all about weight loss reward ideas.

15. Go On A Walk 

Take time to go on a relaxing walk. This walk doesn’t have to be fast-paced or earn you a certain amount of steps. Enjoy your surroundings or call a friend to catch up while you take a casual walk.

16. Get A Facial

Relax and get a professional facial. There are so many different types of facials to elevate your skin!

17. Watch The Sunrise Or Sunset

Slow down and watch the sunrise or sunset. This seems simple, but the act of slowing down and enjoying nature can be so rewarding.

18. Go Stargazing

Go stargazing and enjoy the beautiful stars!

19. Deep Condition Your Hair

Pick out a deep conditioner and give your hair a deep condition at home!

20. Watch Funny Videos On YouTube

Funny videos are the best! Search for some of the best funny videos and enjoy.

21. Buy Yourself A New Piece Of Jewelry 

Treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry! Every time you look at your new jewelry, you will be reminded of your weight loss accomplishment!

22. Try A New Workout Class

Branch out and try a new workout class!

23. Gift Yourself A Gym Membership

Have you been wanting a gym membership? Reward yourself with a membership!

24. Go For A Hike

Fill up your water bottle, pack some snacks and go for a hike! You can even invite some friends to tag along.

25. Buy New Shoes For Working Out

Buy yourself a new pair of workout shoes!

26. Get New Headphones

Treat yourself to new headphones for your workouts!

27. Treat Yourself To A Fancy New Water Bottle

Upgrade your water bottle!

28. Go To A Movie

Go see a movie! You can pack healthy snacks or choose not to eat snacks! You may be used to eating snacks at the movies, but trust me, you can enjoy the movies without popcorn.

29. Buy A New Book

Wander the aisles of Barnes and Noble and pick out a new book.

30. Listen To A Podcast

You can get so much information from listening to podcasts!

31. Go To A Sauna

Visit a sauna and get your sweat on! There are so many benefits of saunas and the heat always feels amazing.

This article is all about non food rewards for adults.

32. Treat Yourself To A Home Sauna

If you want to really treat yourself, invest in a portable sauna for your home! Portable infrared saunas are more affordable than you may think. You can really take your health to the next level by adding regular infrared sauna therapy to your routine.

33. Buy Yourself Flowers 

Fresh flowers look beautiful and always bring joy. Pick out a bouquet for yourself!

This is just another option for weight loss rewards!

34. Sleep In

Go ahead, sleep in! Extra sleep is good for your health!

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35. Take A Full-Body Picture To Celebrate Your Progress

Snap a full body picture of yourself in a mirror or have a friend take one for you. You deserve to celebrate your progress!

36. Snuggle In Bed And Watch Movies All-Day

Give yourself permission to stay in bed and watch movies all day. You deserve a day of relaxing!

weight loss reward ideas

37. Go To A Salt Room

Go to a local salt room! Salt rooms can help to reduce stress and headaches, increase energy, and improve sleep patterns. Salt ions purify the air in salt rooms and may also increase lung capacity. Not only are salt rooms a fun experience, but also a wellness adventure!

38. Try Out A Meal Prep Delivery Service

Reward yourself with a meal prep delivery service. There are many options such as Blue Apron, Factor Meals, Freshly, HelloFresh and more.

39. Buy a Blender To Make Your Own Smoothies And Protein Shakes At Home.

Buy a blender or upgrade to make yummy smoothies and protein shakes at home!

40. Plan A Weekend Getaway

Plan a quick getaway! Book an AirBnB or hotel and start packing!

41. Go On A Short Staycation In Your Own City

You don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re on vacation. Book a local staycation in your own city.

42. Schedule A Photoshoot With A Local Photographer To Show Off Your Progress

Book yourself a photoshoot to show off your weight loss progress! You can do this cheaply by working with a photographer who is just starting out and looking to build a portfolio. You could also ask a friend to take photos with an iPhone!

This article is all about non food rewards for losing weight.

43. Take A Local Class To Learn A Fun New Skill

Try your hand at a class to learn something new! You can find local classes on anything from pottery to cooking!

44. Buy A Fitness Tracker To Track Your Sleep And Workouts

Take your health and weight loss goals to the next level with a fitness tracker!

45. Get Yourself Fitted For A Nice Pair Of Workout Shoes

If you workout regularly, you could get yourself fitted for a pair of workout shoes.

46. Create A New Playlist For Your Workouts

Make a new playlist for your workouts! If you need inspiration, you can search through playlists on Spotify.

This article is all about weight loss rewards non food.

47. Download And Listen To A New Podcast

Another great weight loss reward idea is to explore a new podcast! This is a great free way to reward yourself!

48. Buy New Sports Bras

If you are now working out on a normal basis, it may be time to purchase new sports bras! If you are treating yourself for a weight loss reward, you also might need a new size!

49. Sign Up To Run Or Walk A 5k With A Friend

Find a 5K and sign up with some friends! What a fun wellness activity to do with friends!

50. Splurge On A Nice Pair Of Leggings

Go ahead, splurge on those leggings you’ve been eyeing! It’s not every day that you achieve one of your health/weight loss goals!

51. Take A Day Off Work

Take a day off, you deserve it! Spend the whole day doing things you love. Sleep in, get lost in a good book, do a face mask.. Make it a day for you!

52. Try A New Recipe 

Branch out and try your hand at a new recipe!

53. Go See Your Favorite Band In Concert

Get tickets to see your favorite band in concert!

54. Get A Tattoo

Have you been waiting for a good reason to get a tattoo? It may be time to treat yourself!

55. Buy A New Gym Bag Or Purse

Now that you’ve achieved one of your health goals, upgrade your gym bag or purse!

56. Go Race Go-Karts For A Day Of Fun

Bring out your inner child and spend the day racing go-karts!

57. Take A Cooking Class

Do you want to learn new cooking skills? Taking a cooking class can help improve your confidence in the kitchen. You could also look for a class specifically focused on how to cook healthier foods!

58. Go On A Wellness Getaway Or Wellness Retreat

Did you know that you can go on a retreat specifically focused on wellness? Treat yourself to the ultimate wellness relaxation retreat!

59. Purchase A Kitchen Scale

What gets measured, gets managed. Now that you’ve reached a weight loss goal, you may be looking to maintain your progress or lose more. Using a kitchen scale can allow you to measure exactly what you are consuming.

60. Upgrade Your Pots And Pans

If you are cooking more at home, you may be noticing that your pots and pans could use an upgrade. Reaching your weight loss goal is a perfect time to upgrade!

61. Treat Yourself To New Kitchen Utensils

You are likely spending more time in the kitchen, so upgrading your most-used kitchen utensils may bring a smile to your face!

62. Buy A New Bike

If you don’t have a bike or if you need a bike upgrade, this may be a good reward. A new or working bike will allow you to be active and be active while getting where you need to go.

These are all good rewards for weight loss!

good rewards for weight loss

63. Throw Yourself A Weight Loss Success Party

Celebrate your success! You can serve healthy apps and invite your favorite people. This is a good weight loss reward idea!

64. Buy A New Journal

You can track your healthy habits, weight loss, or use it to journal in general. This is a great small reward for weight loss.

65. Pick Out A New Lunch Box

Make your healthy lunches more fun with a new lunch box. This would be a fun idea for a reward for weight loss goals.

66. Buy A Bento Box

Take the lunch box idea one step further and snag a Bento box. Bento boxes make it easy to create healthy, adult lunchables or pack any lunch of your choice.

67. Get A Body Analysis Scan

Find a local place that offers Bod Pod, DEXA or InBody scans. These scans can provide you with a lot of data about your body. Here are some common scans that are run: Body Fat Percentage, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Measurement and more. Getting these scans can be motivating as you keep making progress toward your healthier self. You can choose to have these scans done as often as you like and then look back on your data to see how far you have come.

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This post is all about rewards for losing weight.

68. Treat Yourself To A Thrive Market Subscription

Get 30% off your first order and a FREE gift when you join Thrive Market! Thrive Market is an online grocery store where you can get organic, healthy groceries at wholesale price. You can get your favorite healthy foods delivered right to your door!

69. Buy A New Fluffy Bathrobe

A fluffy bathrobe feels like the ultimate luxury! Find a new bathrobe that will make you feel cozy every time you put it on.

70. Treat Yourself To An Acupuncture Session

Acupuncture can be incredibly relaxing! Some people even fall asleep during their appointments. There are also many benefits of acupuncture.

71. Try Out New Supplements

If you’ve had your eye on any supplements, hitting a health goal is a great time to reward yourself! Colostrum is a popular supplement that has been used for centuries to help gut issues.

72. Get A Colonic

A colonic might sound like a punishment, but once you try one, you will see why it’s a reward! Colonics can help with better digestion, increased energy, clearer thinking and can even help with your mental outlook. You will walk away feeling lighter and energized!

73. Buy Tickets To A Comedy Show

Nothing beats a good laugh! Treat yourself to a comedy show and get your laugh on. This is a great non-food reward for adults!

74. Purchase A New Cookbook

Do you have your eye on a new healthy cookbook? Treat yourself! There are so many healthy cookbooks available!

This post is all about non food rewards for weight-loss.

75. Snag A Smart Slow Cooker

Did you know that there are now slow cookers that have apps?! This slow cooker syncs with your Alexa device, allowing you to adjust the temperature settings from your phone! This feature makes it easy to adjust your crock pot temps while you are at work or the gym.

76. Subscribe To A Fitness Or Healthy Magazine

Upgrade your mail day by subscribing to a fitness or healthy magazine. You could even choose to subscribe to any magazine you choose – not necessarily a healthy magazine!

77. Buy A New Yoga Mat

If you regularly use a yoga mat, you could treat yourself by upgrading to a new mat. Look for a yoga mat that has high performance grip and is made of quality material.

78. Treat Yourself To Acupressure Mat

Acupressure mats are ideal for relaxation, stress relief, pain reduction and increased energy and circulation! Adding an acupressure mat to your routine is great for muscle recovery and ideal for those who sit at a desk daily.

79. Buy A New Swim Suit

Swim suit shopping can be the worst. But if you’ve achieved a weight loss or fitness goal, you may feel better about a new swim suit!

80. Clean Out Your Closet

Clean out your closet and donate the clothes that are now too big! If you’ve held onto these clothes in the past, it’s time to give them a new home.

81. Rediscover An Old Hobby

Do you have a hobby that you love but no longer make time for? Carve out some time and get back to that hobby!

82. Have A Game Night

Host a game night with your friends or family! Play your favorite cards and board games!

non food rewards for adults

83. Visit A State Park

Go to your favorite state park or go on an adventure to one you haven’t explored!

84. Go Mini Golfing

Invite some friends and go mini golfing!

85. Play Tennis

Go play tennis or take a tennis lesson to learn how!

86. Get Your Hair Done

Make an appointment to get your hair cut! You could even treat yourself to a color or hair treatment as well!

87. Take A Music Lesson

Have you always wanted to play guitar (or any other instrument)? Sign yourself up for lessons!

how to reward yourself for losing weight

88. Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Pay to have your home or a particular room in your home cleaned! As long as you maintain your weight or keep losing, you could set up regular home cleaning appointments if that really motivates you!

89. Invest In A Standing Desk

If you work from home, consider gifting yourself a standing desk! This helps to engage your body more during the day and you burn more calories than sitting all day.

90. Schedule A Family Photo Session

Schedule family photos with a photographer! No better time than hitting a weight loss goal to snap new family pictures!

91. Buy An Air Fryer

Treat yourself to an air fryer! Air fryers are amazing for whipping up yummy, healthy treats.

92. Hire A Personal Trainer

Work with a personal trainer for one session or a few! Personal trainers can be super helpful when it comes to achieving your next goal or maintaining your current weight.

This article is all about rewards for losing weight ideas.

93. Invest In A Nice Coffee Maker Or Espresso Machine

Do you love coffee? Reward yourself with a nice coffee maker or espresso machine! This is a major reward for you, but also saves you money in the long run by not stopping at coffee shops!

94. Treat Yourself To An Audible Subscription

If you enjoy reading, but lack the time to sit and read, you may love Audible! I love turning on Audible and listening to a book while I wash dishes, fold laundry, walk, drive, etc. It’s so convenient to be able to listen on the go!

You can try it out for free for 30 days using my link below!

Additional Non-Food Rewards

Here are some additional good rewards for weight loss.

95. Buy new undergarments that you feel sexy and confident in.

96. Purchase an item like an InstaPot or veggie chopper that makes your healthy habits easier!

97. Invest in a walking pad! Get your steps in while you work at home or the office!

98. Upgrade your spice cabinet! Pick a set of matching spice jars with labels and give your spices a makeover.

99. Treat yourself to a health subscription box!

100. Invest in new plates and bowls! You will be even more motivated to cook from home and eat off your pretty new plates!

101. Try out a meditation app like Calm. You can get started with a free trial!

102. Get an accupressure mat!

103. Buy a weighted blanket!

104. Find a new candle that you love and treat yourself!

105. Start dry brushing! Your lymphatic system needs love and it feels good to care for yourself in a different way!

106. Try a tea that you haven’t tried before! We recommend any of the Organic Olivia teas!

107. Treat yourself to a tincture or herbal medicine blend.

108. Invest in new sheets! There’s nothing better than new, silky bed sheets!

109. Book a night at a cute bed and breakfast.

110. Buy new pillows for your bed!

111. Take your car in to be professionally cleaned and detailed.

112. Treat yourself to new, fluffy bath towels!

113. Buy tickets to a health/wellness conference you’ve been wanting to attend.

114. Treat yourself to an unnecessary, but wanted procedure that will make your life better like Lasik eye surgery, teeth whitening, laser hair removal, etc.

115. Get your makeup done at a local beauty counter and pick out new makeup!

116. Get professionally fitted for a bra.

117. Buy a new pair of sunglasses!

118. Take an online course that you have been wanting to invest in.

119. Invest in a juicer!

120. Buy fun new pens for your planner or journaling.

121. Download a new menu plan to rest out!

122. Buy new cozy pajamas!

123. Take a mental health day! Take the day off work and do something that makes you happy.

124. Purchase an Oura ring!

125. Get a foam roller! Foam rollers are the best for sore muscles!

126. Invest in a massage gun!

127. Purchase an online gym membership or program.

The Science Behind Rewarding Ourselves

When we reward ourselves, our brains release a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine makes us feel good and happy.

As a result, you become more motivated and driven to do the task. You will also look forward to doing the task because it makes you feel good.

While it is important to reward yourself, not all rewards are created the same and you must choose the right rewards to create positive reinforcement.

Using the wrong rewards will not help you create better habits. However, positive, non-food rewards can be a great incentive to keep you working towards your goals.

When your behavior (weight loss, working out, or working toward your goal) is followed by a pleasant outcome, you are more likely to repeat the behavior. This is called positive reinforcement.

Connecting your hard work to rewards effectively not only gives you a mental break but also motivates you to want to do more of it.

Therefore, it is recommended to reward yourself to build your momentum and grow your habits.

You can also create your own weight loss rewards list or weight loss reward chart. Use this list to get ideas flowing!

This post was all about non food rewards for weight-loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good non food rewards?

Schedule a photoshoot with a local photographer to show off your progress or treat yourself to a massage!

What can I replace food with to lose weight?

If you are looking to stop snacking and eat less while you try to lose weight, you may consider drinking more water. Sometimes it also helps to keep your mouth busy, so you could also chew gum!

For more ideas, check out our guide that shares a massive guide of things to do instead of eating.

How can I reward myself without using food?

There are many ways to reward yourself without food. Consider buying new workout clothes, getting a massage, sitting in a sauna or taking time off work.

What can I reward myself with for losing weight?

There are lots of ways to reward yourself for losing weight. You could consider new workout gear or a massage! There are many great ways to reward yourself that don’t involve food.

What’s a good reward for losing weight?

There are so many great reward ideas for losing weight! You could go shopping for new (smaller) clothes, you could schedule a photoshoot, you could treat yourself to a new piece of workout equipment or workout class… The options are endless!

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways that you can reward yourself without food! If you choose to reward yourself with food occasionally, that’s okay too! We hope this guide inspired you with rewards for weight loss goals or weight loss milestone rewards. What are your favorite non-food rewards for weight loss? Leave a comment below and let me know!

This post was all about non food rewards for weight-loss.



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