Does Zevia Break A Fast? [Intermittent Fasting FAQ]

Does Zevia break a fast? Can I drink Zevia while fasting? In this guide, we will answer all of your questions regarding Zevia and fasting.

does zevia break a fast

Zevia is a delicious zero-sugar soda. If you enjoy sipping on these delicious fizzy sodas, you may wonder if they are safe to drink while fasting. Keep reading to learn more!

Does Zevia Break A Fast?

Yes, drinking Zevia will spike your insulin levels and break your fast.

Does Zevia Break A Fast – Further Details

While Zevia is a healthier soda option, it will still remove you from a fasted state. Zevia contains artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners of any kind will break your fast.

When we fast and allow our insulin levels to drop naturally, we see weight loss and other fasting benefits. This means that our body is using fat as fuel, due to our lowered insulin. If insulin is spiked, as would be the case with consuming Zevia, this would then break your fast.

This article is all about will Zevia break a fast and does Zevia soda break a fast.

What Can I Consume While Fasting?

If you are following a clean fast, you can consume the following items when fasting:

  • Water (unflavored, no added fruit)
  • Black coffee
  • Plain green tea or black tea
  • Mineral water, unflavored sparkling water, seltzer water (with no added ingredients)
  • Salt, electrolytes, or minerals (unflavored, no additives)
  • Medications as prescribed by your doctor
clean fast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is stevia soda allowed during fasting?

No, you should not drink stevia soda while fasting. These beverages have a sweet taste and will spike your insulin levels, therefore breaking your fast.

Does Zevia break autophagy?

Yes, consuming Zevia likely breaks autophagy. If you are fasting for longevity, it is best to consume just water, green/black tea and coffee while fasting.