153 Awesome Things To Do Instead Of Eating

Here are things to do instead of eating! If you find yourself mindlessly eating or snacking because you are bored, this list is sure to help.

things to do instead of eating

If you’re fasting or trying to avoid mindless snacking, you may be on the hunt for things to do instead of eating. In this article we will share a massive list of ideas to keep you busy and out of the kitchen! Keep reading to learn more.

153 Things To Do Instead Of Eating

1. Visualize The Kitchen Being Closed

When you finish eating a meal and clean up, visualize your kitchen being closed. Picture it like a restaurant and note to yourself that the kitchen is closed. This visual can be helpful to avoid mindless snacking or grazing.

2. Put On Music And Dance

Turn on some feel good music and just dance! It doesn’t matter if you are a good dancer, just put on some music you love and shake it out.

3. Observe How You Are Feeling

Are you feeling stressed or sad? Are those emotions giving you the desire to eat? If so, take note of this and observe your patterns. Do you usually comfort yourself with food? What is something else that you can do to comfort yourself?

4. Go For A Walk Outside

Getting outside for a walk is a great distraction! As a bonus, you are also getting time in nature! There are so many surprising benefits of walking!

5. Take Your Dog For A Walk

If you don’t have a dog, you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor! Sometimes it’s nice to have some company on your walks.

6. Call A Friend

Pick up your phone and call a friend just to chat. This keeps your mind busy and not thinking about snacking!

7. Plan A Trip

Keep yourself busy and plan a trip! This could be a local trip or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Planning a trip can be time consuming as you figure out where to go, what things to see, where to stay, etc.

8. Write A Letter To Someone You Love

There’s nothing like getting handwritten mail! Writing down your feels is therapeutic for you and getting a meaningful letter means a lot to someone in your life too.

9. Make A Bucket List Of Places You Want To Travel To

Make a list of all the places you want to visit! You may have some ideas in your mind, but if you don’t have a bucket list or vision board, write them down.

10. Get A Massage

Treat yourself to a massage! Be sure to ask about potential package pricing to save money! You could purchase a package and schedule your next appointment when you reach your next goal.

11. Make Plans With A Friend

Make plans to go shopping, to an event, for a walk or anything with a friend. Staying active and busy helps prevent you from eating mindlessly.

12. Go To A Sauna

Visit a sauna and get your sweat on! There are so many benefits of saunas and the heat always feels amazing.

13. Wash Your Car

Go to a car wash or wash your car yourself. It’s pretty hard to snack if you’re full of bubbles!

14. Sing To Your Favorite Songs

Sometimes there’s nothing better than turning up your favorite songs and singing along!

15. Go Race Go-Karts For A Day Of Fun

Bring out your inner child and spend the day racing go-karts!

16. FaceTime A Friend Or Family Member

FaceTime a friend of family member and chat! Sometimes it’s nice just to have someone to talk to.

17. Go To A Salt Room

Go to a local salt room! Salt rooms can help to reduce stress and headaches, increase energy, and improve sleep patterns. Additionally, salt ions purify the air in salt rooms and may also increase lung capacity. Salt rooms are not only a fun experience, but also a wellness adventure!

18. Make A Playlist Of Songs That You Love

Sit down and make a playlist of all your favorite songs! This can keep you busy for a long time!

19. Treat Yourself To A Hair Blowout

It feels so good to have someone else do your hair! Treat yourself to a blowout and enjoy how amazing your hair looks!

20. Draw

You don’t have to be good at drawing or have any fancy equipment. Just sit down and doodle like you used to as a kid!

21. Watch A Documentary

Switch it up from your usual shows and tune into a documentary!

22. Take A Local Class To Learn A Fun New Skill

Try your hand at a class to learn something new! You can find local classes on anything from pottery to cooking!

23. Paint

Take some inspiration from Bob Ross and paint! You could even follow along to a Bob Ross video if you want extra guidance.

24. Get A Facial

Relax and get a professional facial. There are so many different types of facials to elevate your skin!

25. Do A Crossword Puzzle

Keep your mind busy with a crossword puzzle! There are many available online, or you can pick up a book and do it by hand.

26. Go On A Wellness Getaway Or Wellness Retreat

Did you know that you can go on a retreat specifically focused on wellness? Treat yourself to the ultimate wellness relaxation retreat!

27. Listen To A Podcast

Tune into one of your favorite podcasts or check out something new! You can learn so much from podcasts!

28. Journal

Take time to write down your feelings or about your day – or even why you feel like snacking. If you often eat when you’re stressed or sad, journaling may help you get to the root of some of your feelings.

29. Treat Yourself To An Acupuncture Session

Acupuncture can be incredibly relaxing! Some people even fall asleep during their appointments. There are also many benefits of acupuncture.

30. Take A Bubble Bath

Relax and soak in a bubble bath! This is an easy time not to snack because your hands will be wet.

31. Brush Your Teeth

Sometimes it can help to brush your teeth when you feel like mindlessly snacking. When your mouth is clean and fresh, you will likely not be as tempted to graze.

32. Organize Your Junk Drawer

Take some time to organize your junk drawer. Maybe you are able to toss some things or just organize a bit!

33. Deep Clean Your Bathroom

When is the last time you deep cleaned your bathroom? Take time and wash the floor, scrub the grout, wash your shower curtain and liner, etc.

34. Treat Yourself To A Manicure

It’s pretty hard to snack if someone is doing your nails! Treat yourself to a manicure and relax while someone else cleans up your cuticles and makes your nails pretty!

35. Get A Pedicure

Relax and unwind while you get a pedicure.

36. Do A Face Mask

Put on your favorite face mask and treat yourself to a mini spa night at home!

37. Buy Tickets To A Comedy Show

Nothing beats a good laugh! Treat yourself to a comedy show and get your laugh on.

38. Set Goals

Setting goals can keep you moving forward and help you stay focused! Set goals for any area of your life – work, relationships, fitness, etc.

39. Rediscover An Old Hobby

Do you have a hobby that you love but no longer make time for? Carve out some time and get back to that hobby!

40. Do Yoga

Turn on YouTube and follow along with a yoga flow!

41. Have A Game Night

Host a game night with your friends or family! Play your favorite cards and board games!

42. Stretch

Take time to slowly stretch your body. Notice any areas of tension or stress.

43. Visit A State Park

Go to your favorite state park or go on an adventure to one you haven’t explored!

44. Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. There are many videos on YouTube if you would prefer some extra guidance.

45. Go Mini Golfing

Invite some friends and go mini golfing!

46. Do A YouTube Workout

There are so many free workout options on YouTube. Check out a full list of free home workouts.

47. Make A List Of Books You Want To Read

Do you have an actual list of books that you want to read? If not, you should start one! I keep a list in Google Docs!

48. Play Tennis

Go play tennis or take a tennis lesson to learn how!

49. Make Some Tea

A soothing cup of warm tea can help you relax and also gives you something to consume.

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50. Take A Music Lesson

Have you always wanted to play guitar (or any other instrument)? Sign yourself up for lessons!

51. Make A Meal Plan For The Following Day Or Week

If food is on your mind, think about meal planning. What do you want to make? What ingredients do you need?

52. Make A List Of Home Improvement Projects

If you own a home, there are always projects to do. Make a list of all the projects you want to tackle so you can refer back to your list.

53. Watch Your Favorite Show

Let your mind wander and put on your favorite tv show! If you need to keep your hands busy while you watch tv, you can color in a coloring book, knit, etc.

54. Go To A Movie

Go see a movie! You may be used to eating snacks at the movies, but trust me, you can enjoy the movies without popcorn and snacks.

55. Go People Watching

Head out to your local mall or shopping center and observe the people around you. Sometimes it’s fun to do this with someone and make up stories about the people you see!

56. Pick Out A Gift For Yourself

Do some retail therapy, either online or in person and pick out something for yourself!

57. Meditate

There are so many benefits of meditating! No matter how you are feeling, pausing to meditate can help. If you need some guidance, there are many great meditation videos online. Here is one of my favorites.

58. Watch A TED Talk

There are so many awesome TED Talks that can teach you new things! If you are up for learning or inspiration, this is a great thing to do.

59. Watch Funny Videos

If you need a laugh, you can explore funny YouTube videos!

60. Go To An Art Gallery

Get out of the house and see some art! If you haven’t explored your local art galleries or local art schools, you may be missing out on some really unique pieces.

61. Organize Your Photos

Take time to organize your photos! This could be photos you have already printed or planning photos to print and display!

62. Learn A New Language

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, now might be the time to start!

63. Start Or Continue A Home Improvement Project

Choose a new project around your house or start a new one! This could be as simple as fresh paint on your mailbox or a more complicated project.

64. Visit An Animal Shelter

If you want to get out of the house, go visit an animal shelter. There’s nothing better than snuggling animals!

65. Organize And Clean Out Your Closet

Clean out your closet and donate any clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year.

66. Teach Yourself A New Skill

Is there something you want to learn? Teach yourself something new!

67. Play Chess Online

If you like chess or simply want to learn, playing online is a great option!

68. Read

Getting lost in a good book is a sure way to forget any thoughts of snacking!

69. Make A List Of Movies You Want To See

Is there a movie you have been dying to see? Make a list of all the movies that you want to check out!

70. Go To The Gym

Get your body moving! Go to the gym and be active!

71. Go For A Swim

You can’t eat snacks and swim at the same time!!

72. Rearrange Furniture

Switch up the furniture in your home! Plan a new layout and start rearranging.

73. Look At Real Estate Online

Look at properties in your dream city. Check out the most expensive houses! Also check out the cheapest houses and imagine the ultimate renovations that could take place.

74. Take A Self Defense Class

Self defense is a great skill to know!

75. Drink A Big Glass Of Water

Sometimes hunger is confused with thirst. If you find yourself reaching for snacks, start by drinking a glass of water.

76. Go For A Hike

Fill up your water bottle and go for a hike! You can even invite some friends to tag along.

77. Go For A Drive

Roll the windows down if the weather allows and get out of the house for a drive!

78. Go On A Bike Ride

Take your bike out for a leisurely ride.

79. Do Some Gardening

Weed your garden, plant some flowers or spend time in a community garden.

80. Go To The Library

If you haven’t ben to your local library in awhile, you may enjoy stopping by! You can check out some books and see what’s going on in your local community.

81. Sing Karaoke

You can sing karaoke on an app or with a YouTube video!

82. Go To A Driving Range

Work on your golf skills at a local driving range!

83. Sit Outside In Nature

There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting outside in nature. Set your phone down and truly soak up the sounds, smells and sights around you. Bonus – spending time in nature is great for reducing stress!

84. Go To A Batting Cage

Have you ever been to a batting cage? Try something new or practice an old skill!

85. Go Bowling

Invite some friends to go bowling!

86. Go To A Local Arcade

If you haven’t been to a local arcade in awhile, you may enjoy getting out of the house and playing arcade games!

87. Try A New Makeup Look

We used to play dress up often as kids, why did we stop?! Create a new makeup look just for fun!

88. Go To A Museum

Plan an outing to a museum!

89. Deep Condition Your Hair

Take time to deep condition your hair! There are many deep conditioning treatments available depending on your type of hair.

90. Plan Rewarding And Fun Activities For The Week

When you’re bored and wanting to snack, focus instead on planning fun activities for your week! This gives you something to look forward to!

91. Visit A Spa

Go visit a spa and treat yourself to a facial, massage or whatever you desire! If you know you usually eat when you’re bored after dinner or on the weekends, plan your spa visit for that time!

92. Go To A Sports Game

Sometimes it’s helpful to just get out of the house! Check out a local sports game to keep you busy.

93. Do A Random Act Of Kindness

There are countless random acts of kindness you could do! Leave a note on the bathroom mirror to cheer someone up, pay for someone’s coffee or anything you can think of!

94. Take A Nap

Treat yourself to a nap! Napping is a great way to relax and focus on what you are feeling, rather than eating.

95. Go To A Part Of Town You Haven’t Been To Before

Is there a part of your town that you haven’t explored? If so, go explore it!

96. Buy A New Book

Wander the aisles of Barnes and Noble or your favorite bookstore and pick out a new book.

97. Make A Vision Board

Make a vision board! You can make one online on Pinterest or a physical version. Collect things that inspire you and dream about the future!

98. Make A Collage

Gather your favorite photos and make a collage!

99. Make A List Of Things You’re Grateful For

Rather than snacking, pull out a journal and write down all of the things you are grateful for! You can add to this list daily!

100. Cuddle

Snuggle up with a pet or a loved one and cuddle!

101. Take A Cold Shower

Cold showers aren’t relaxing, but the energy boost and the positive benefits are worth it!

102. Practice Photography

You don’t have to have a professional camera to take pictures! If you enjoy snapping pictures, do more of it. You can spend time watching YouTube videos to learn how to take better photos and learn about editing and more!

103. Plan A Weekend Getaway

Plan a quick, local getaway! Book an AirBnB or hotel and start packing!

104. Play Solitaire

You can play on your phone, computer or tablet or you can play the good ol’ fashioned way with cards!

105. Color In A Coloring Book

Let your mind wander while you do a peaceful activity like coloring! You could also listen to a podcast, music or watch tv while you color.

106. Take A Dance Class

Take a dance class – either online or in person. Dancing is fun and a great way to stay busy!

107. Empty Your Email Inbox

When’s the last time you emptied your email inbox? Sit down and go through your emails. Also take this time to unsubscribe from any emails you don’t read.

108. Organize Your Computer Desktop

Clean and organize your computer desktop. It can help you be more productive to look at a clean, uncluttered screen.

109. Plant An Herb Garden

Plant a small herb garden! Whenever you feel like eating out of boredom, take time to tend to your garden and care for your plants.

110. Listen To An Audiobook

If you enjoy reading, but lack the time to sit and read, you may love listening to audiobooks on Audible! I love turning on Audible and listening to a book while I wash dishes, fold laundry, walk, drive, etc. It’s so convenient to be able to listen on the go!

You can try it out for free for 30 days using my link below!

111. Read A Magazine

We consume most of our news online these days, so it can be really relaxing to sit and read a magazine.

112. Plan For Upcoming Gifts

Plan out what you want to get friends and family members for upcoming birthdays and holidays. Planning in advance makes shopping fun and less stressful. You can also be on the hunt for deals if you know that you are getting a certain gift.

113. Play Video Games

Playing video games can help quickly pass the time! You will also likely be holding a controller or using a keyword, so it won’t be convenient to be snacking at the same time!

114. Sleep

If you’re wanting to eat when you’re bored in the evening, consider heading to bed early! Most of us can use extra sleep!

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115. Drink A Glass Of Water

Did you know that thirst is often mistaken for hunger? Before you give into your desire to snack when bored, start by drinking a glass of water. This is a good gauge to see if you are truly hungry!

116. Make A Craft

Sit down and do some crafting! If you don’t have any craft supplies, you can get some for cheap at Walmart of The Dollar Store!

117. Make A New Pinterest Board

Create a new Pinterest board! This could be a board dedicated to your goals, a trip you want to take, photo inspiration for an upcoming event, or anything you want!

118. Go Thrift Shopping

Get out of the house and head to a local thrift store! Look for things you need or want or try things on for the heck of it! Check out our thrift store tips if you are new to thrifting!

119. Volunteer

Start volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. Volunteering is a great way to be involved in your local community!

120. Take An Online Course

Keep your mind busy by taking an online course. You could learn a new skill or work on improving skills that you already have! You could also explore new certificates or ways to level up your current career.

121. Learn To Knit

If you don’t know how to knit, you may like to learn! Knitting is a great hobby that keeps your hands busy and helps you make cool things!

122. Do A Puzzle

Pull a puzzle out and start working on it! Come back to it anytime that you get the urge to eat out of boredom.

123. Play With Your Kids

Sit down and play with your kiddos! If you don’t have kiddos, visit family or friends with kids!

124. Do Something You Have Been Putting Off

Check something off your list that you’ve been putting off! Often we put off tasks that don’t take very long, so you can accomplish something rather quickly and feel good about it!

125. Browse Reddit Threads

Explore Reddit threads and find things that interest you! It’s really easy to go down a rabbit hole and spend a lot of time on Reddit.

126. Play Disc Golf

Hit up a local disc golf course and play! Disc golf is a fun activity that you can do alone or with a group of people.

127. Go To The Zoo

Head to your local zoo! This could be a dual activity if you have kiddos!

128. Meal Prep And Portion Out Meals For The Week

Stay busy by meal prepping and portioning out your meals for the week! You could even try making some new recipes if you felt like trying something new!

129. Go Through Your Amazon Wishlist/Shopping List

When’s the last time you went through your Amazon wishlist or shopping list? Browse through your lists and see if you have anything to delete or add.

130. Browse Social Media

It’s way too easy to spend too much time on social media! If you need to keep your mind off food, scrolling social media could entertain you for hours!

131. Go Window Shopping

Head to your local mall and go window shopping! You don’t have to buy anything, but it can be fun to window shop and see what’s out there!

132. Go Through Your House And Find Things To Donate

Go through your home, room by room, and find things you no longer need or want. Then gather everything up and donate it!

133. Water Your Plants

If you have plants, water them! You can set up a watering schedule at a time you usually want to be mindlessly eating!

134. Learn How To Sew

if you don’t know how to sew, consider learning! Sewing is a great skill to know.

135. Learn How To Make Sourdough Recipes

Learn everything there is to know about sourdough and baking with sourdough! The recipe options are endless!

136. Browse Facebook Groups And Find A Community

Explore different Facebook groups and find a new community! For example, maybe you want to join an intermittent fasting group or a gardening group! You could also explore local groups to meet new friends locally.

137. Look At Motivational Inspo Pics On Pinterest

Look at pictures on Pinterest that motivate you! This could also be quotes that motivate you!

138. Run Errands

Schedule your errands for a time that you are fasting and can’t eat or a time that you usually feel like eating when you’re bored!

139. Organize Your Spice Cabinet

Take time to organize your spices and toss old ones. You could also transfer your spices into new jars if you desire a cohesive look.

140. Find A Support Person/Group

Find someone that you can reach out to when you are wanting to eat out of boredom. Sometimes we eat when we are bored because we are trying to cope with emotions. It can be really helpful to talk through those feelings with someone you trust.

141. Learn A Card Trick

Learn how to do a card trick! Research a trick that you want to learn and teach yourself!

142. Play With Legos

Get in touch with your inner child and play with legos!

143. Learn How To Make Greeting Cards

If you enjoy being crafty, you may like to learn how to make greeting cards. There are so many designs and styles that can keep you busy forever!

144. Crochet

Sit down and crochet or learn how to crochet. This is a great hobby that keeps your hands busy!

145. Play Pokemon Go

Even if you never played with Pokemon cards, you may enjoy the Pokemon Go mobile game! This game also encourages you to be active!

146. Drink Bone Broth

If you’re fasting, don’t drink bone broth. But if you’re just looking to avoid mindless snacking, a warm cup of bone broth is a great idea.

147. Season Your Cast Iron Pans

If you have cast iron pans, it may be time to season them!

150. Eliminate Boredom Foods From Your House

If you’re often tempted to eat when you’re bored, get rid of those snacky boredom foods! If you are truly hungry, you can eat a piece of fruit or something else.

151. Fold Laundry

Folding laundry is a great way to keep your hands busy! I like to listen to a podcast when I fold laundry to help time go a little faster.

152. Do the Tourist Things In Your Town

Be a tourist in your own town! Do all of the tourist activities and soak it up! There’s so many local things to do instead of eating!

153. Delete And Organize Photos On Your Phone

Take time to go through the photos on your phone. Delete the ones you no longer need.

Why Do We Eat When We Are Bored?

You may be wondering – why do we eat when we are bored?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in our brain that gives us feelings of reward and pleasure. When we’re bored and our brains aren’t stimulated, our dopamine levels drop. When our dopamine levels drop, our bodies want to do something that will bring the dopamine levels back up. Eating is an activity that will spike domaine levels.

Additionally, when our bodies become accustomed to frequently getting pleasure from eating when bored, our brains can actually rewire to get the most pleasure from food and eating.

Then, when we are bored, our brains crave eating over doing anything else because it knows that how it experiences pleasure.

Luckily, this guide has plenty of other activities for you to experience pleasure that don’t involve food! It may take your brain some time to adjust to not eating for pleasure.

Bottom Line

We hope this list helps you to find new things to do instead of eating. What are your favorite ways to avoid mindless eating? Have you tried any of these things to do instead of eating? Comment below and let us know!

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