The Top Useful Things You Need In Your Gym Bag

If you’re new to the gym or just wanting to learn what others carry in their gym bags- this post is for you! 

Here are some of my gym bag essentials! 

The Best Gym Bag Essentials

Baby wipes

For days you don’t have time to shower after your workout or are doing a light workout, I recommend the baby wipe method! Throw a pack of baby wipes into your gym bag. After your workout, wipe down with a baby wipe to freshen up and eliminate that sweat! The baby wipe method also works great for a quick lunchtime workout! 

Pull up bands

I keep a set of pull-up bands in my gym bag. You can use pull up bands to assist you with pull-ups as you increase your strength! 

Hair ties

I always store extra hair ties in my gym bag! It is the absolute WORST if I forget a hair tie or am running to the gym during lunch or right after work! 


Forgetting headphones at the gym is the worst! I keep an extra pair of headphones in my gym bag that STAY in my gym bag! That way I am never without headphones! 

Bobby pins

I always keep extra bobby pins in my gym bag! The last thing I want to worry about during my workout is my hair! 

Water bottle 

I drink a lot of water and definitely like to stay hydrated while I’m getting my sweat on! I always carry a water bottle with me! 

Jump rope

I always like to keep a jump rope in my gym bag! Jumping rope is super good cardio and easily fits in your gym bag. 

Bands for workouts

Adding bands to your workouts gives you variety and can also intensify certain moves. I always keep a set of bands in my gym bag for gym or home workouts! 

Extra socks 

Forgetting socks and not being able to workout is the worst! I always keep extra socks in my gym bag in case I am running right from work to the gym. 

Tennis shoes

Obviously you need shoes for your workout! One of my favorite pairs of shoes is the Adidas NMD.


I like to bring a small towel with me to the gym! When I’m doing cardio or sitting in the sauna, it’s nice to have a towel to soak up some of my sweat. I also use a small towel if I am laying on a bench in the weight room or on a mat. Not everyone is great about wiping down equipment! 

Hand sanitizer 

Gyms are a dirty place! I keep a small hand sanitizer in my gym bag to eliminate those germs right after the gym. 


No explanation needed. Keep yourself fresh by reapplying that deo! About 2 years ago, I switched over to Aluminum-free deodorant. It can never hurt to have extra deodorant in your bag!

Dry shampoo

Ever wonder how some people manage to work out daily without washing their hair?? The secret is a blow dryer and dry shampoo! After I workout, I pile my hair in a high bun. I shower and wash my body and do my best not to get my hair wet. Then I get out of the shower and use a blow dryer to blow dry my sweaty hair. Then I add dry shampoo to freshen it up! Ta-da!

Another note on dry shampoo- it took me a while to find a dry shampoo that worked for me! If you don’t have a great experience or feel like your dry shampoo isn’t working, I would encourage you to try a few different brands! After experimenting and trying quite a few different dry shampoos, I found that Batiste Dry Shampoo is what works best for my hair!

What are your gym bag essentials? Drop a comment below!


  1. I don’t go to the gym almost at all but I do run on the beach and sometimes will bring a bag with me. I can’t believe how many of these ESSENTIALS I have been missing in my bag! I can’t wait to add them and make my life so much easier.

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