Embrace The Process And Trust The Journey With Lauren Kirschblum

Lauren Kirschblum is a Jesus-loving, self-motivated fitness enthusiast.

Meet Lauren Kirschblum

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Tell us about yourself

Hey everyone!! I’m Lauren Kirschblum, 26-years-old, born and raised as a small-town girl from Connecticut and currently living in Houston, TX. I have been self-employed for the last 6+ years and just got hired on as a new homes sale consultant. If I were to describe myself in a few short words… I am a Jesus-loving, self-motivated, fitness enthusiast, who loves to travel and finds absolute joy in uplifting and encouraging others. 

How did you get into health and fitness? What did your journey look like?

I’ve always been an athlete, even growing up as a young girl. In elementary and middle school, my dad was my coach for all my sports. I played softball and basketball and I remember most evenings after school he would be outside with me, helping me with my pitching or free throws.

In high school I transitioned to indoor and outdoor track and played volleyball. My dad built my sister and I a volleyball court in our backyard- it was awesome! I was all-state in both track and volleyball and truly miss it so much!

In college, I attended UConn and chose not to pursue sports as I didn’t want the commitment. I got into weight lifting and the bodybuilding lifestyle. I’ve never had the desire to do a show, but I love competing against myself. I studied Nutritional Sciences in college with intentions to become a registered dietician, however I began building my own business through a direct sales company my senior year and that soon became my full-time income and I’ve been in the health and fitness industry ever since. 

How do you encourage or educate others about living a healthy lifestyle?

First and foremost, I make sure that I practice what I preach. I aim to live a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. I workout 5-6x a week, meal prep and eat healthy the majority of the time. This definitely doesn’t mean I am perfect- this girl loves her burger/fries and ice cream…and peanut butter, pizza, sushi… the list goes on! 

On a larger scale, I am very open about my goals, I like to share my workouts and show my meals. I am a strong believer in the quote “the body achieves what the mind believes” and the majority of our health/fitness journeys begin in our heads. Having the proper mindset and mentality is crucial from the kitchen, to the gym, to looking at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis. 

Why do you think it’s important to educate others about living a healthy lifestyle? 

Nowadays there is so much information out there on the internet. So many different diets, training styles, detoxes, supplements, etc. It can truly be overwhelming for someone who is trying to make healthy changes in their life. I think educating on the basics is crucial. I like to help people understand things like calories in vs calories out, what protein/carbs/fat are and how much/ when to eat them. Once we get the basics down, and they have understanding in the “why,” it creates a LIFESTYLE which people can continue and maintain.

What suggestions do you have for those looking to start living a healthier life?

First of all, don’t wait for the perfect timing. There is no such thing. Make a HEART decision to begin and prepare yourself for good and bad days. We must embrace the process and trust the journey! Understand there will be days you will eat too much. There will be days you choose to sleep in instead of go to the gym. There will be weeks you don’t see much progress. THAT IS NORMAL but we cannot quit- we have to push through! Don’t be afraid to seek out help. Find someone who can help you with your nutrition and training program. Accept that you are a beginner, and be a student and learn!

Lauren Kirschblum

What does a typical day of eating and workouts look like for you? 

I eat 6 meals per day, every 2.5-3 hours. I eat fairly boring and tend to eat the same things most days because I thrive on routine and also it’s easy to meal prep! I train in the morning typically around 8 AM.

  • Breakfast: Egg white omelette w/ spinach and broccoli + oatmeal
  • Meal 2 (Post workout): Protein shake w/ piece of fruit 
  • Lunch: Chicken, broccoli, Jasmine Rice 
  • Meal 4: Greek Yogurt + almonds 
  • Dinner: Turkey + asparagus 
  • Meal 6: Egg whites or protein shake

Anything else you would like to share? 

It has taken me years to figure out what type of eating and training style works best for me. Everyone is different! Some people thrive on higher carbs, while others thrive on low carb/high fat. Some people love to intermittent fast, while others eat 6 times a day.

I have tried it all and I have definitely had my ups and downs. I actually suffering with eating disorders and body dysmorphia for many many years, which started when I was 12 years old. Not many people would know from looking at me from the outside, but it was a vicious cycle for many years, especially in my college years.

Once I began to dive deeper in my faith and my walk with the Lord, I began to change my mindset to learn my true identity: who I am in Christ, not a number on the scale, or how lean I am or defined my muscles are. It was a 12+ year battle but by the grace of God, I have managed to come out victorious and feel called to help other women who struggle with the same thing learn their true identity and walk in FREEDOM.

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