18 Valuable Wellness Accounts You Need To Be Following

If you’re looking for an extra dose of inspiration when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, I would highly recommend that you check out these wellness accounts! These are some of my favorite healthy living pages that I follow on Instagram

These are people that I truly admire, but also from all walks of life! Some are busy Moms, some do not have kiddos. Some lift heavy weights, some prefer yoga and bodyweight exercises. All of these individuals make their healthy lifestyle work for them. 

Leave a comment below with your favorite healthy living follows! I would love to check out your top picks! 

Taraylnn McNitt

Taralynn is a blogger and serious inspiration! She has been blogging for the past 10 years and continuously fills her feed with drool-worthy meals and motivational posts! 

Fitness Carli 

Carli Williams is a Mom to three beautiful kiddos and the creator of the Fitness Carli Meal Plan. Carli is a breath of fresh air as she is transparent and honest about all things health, fitness and Momming! 

College Nutritionist 

Rachel specializes in crafting budget-friendly, healthy meals for college students and grads! If you’re looking for simple meals for just yourself or tips for enjoying meals/drinks with friends, Rachel is a great follow! 

Lori Fit Life

Lori was featured in a recent post! For her full story, click HERE. Lori is a macro expert and is a genius at making her goals a reality while eating food she enjoys! 

Radio Amy

Amy Brown’s Instagram page is not fully dedicated to all-things wellness, but Amy leads a life focused on wellness and health. Amy openly shares about her past eating disorder and her path to leading a more balanced life. 

Susan Dangerfield

It’s never too late to get in shape and achieve your goal body! Susan is walking proof of this. Susan is also an online coach, Mom and makes healthy living simple to understand. 

Cheat Day Design

Matt Rosenman is a waffle lover and is passionate about making nutrition and fitness simpler, one post at a time! Here is an example of one of his amazing graphics!

Lauren Gleisberg

Lauren is the queen of effective, efficient workouts! She also specializes in making fun foods (pizza, treats, etc.) healthier! 

Autumn Bates 

Autumn is an intermittent fasting lover and Clinical Nutritionist. She posts regularly to YouTube sharing her knowledge as well! 

Alexia Clark

Alexia makes amazing workout videos and is known as the queen of workouts! She posts workouts regularly on her feed! 

Be Well By Kelly

Kelly LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist and celebrity health coach. Kelly is well-known for her Fab4Smoothie that keeps you full for hours! 

Froyo to Fitness

MaryKate Schmidt has lost 25 pounds and maintained her weight loss over the course of 3 years! She has created a sustainable lifestyle and provides content to encourage others to live empowered lives! 

Meow Meix

Amanda Meixner is the nutrition guru! She is known on Instagram for her easy-to-read graphics and nutrition facts! 

Kate LeMere

Talk about Mom goals! Kate is so down-to-earth and shares her journey candidly on both Instagram and her blog. She is also hilarious and has the cutest little fam! 

Andy Frisella

Need a dose of tough love and inspiration? Andy is your guy! Andy is one of the CEO of 1st Phorm and the host of a business/success oriented podcast, The MFCEO Project.

Carter Good

Carter Good is a fat loss coach who strives to make losing fat easy for everyone! You can always find inspirational quotes and graphics on Carter’s feed! 

Taylor Chamberlain Dilk 

From bikini competitions to online coaching to designing her own activewear line, Taylor Chamberlain-Dilk has done it all! Taylor is positive, real and total goals! 

Ashley Nordman

Ashley previously competed in bikini competitions and now focuses on a more holistic approach to health and wellness. She is also a medical esthetician and has her own natural beauty line! 

Who are your favorite wellness accounts to follow on Instagram? Share your favorites below!