Without A Healthy Body, We Essentially Have Nothing With Lori Childs

Lori Childs is passionate about health and fitness, mages multi-family real estate assets and works full-time.

Meet Lori Childs

Learn more about Lori Childs and her journey below.

Tell us about yourself!

First of all, hi! My name is Lori Childs and I’m a 31-year-old working mom of an energetic about to be a 3-year old son! My husband and I live in the suburbs of Houston, TX and both work full-time in the Oil & Gas industry. We also manage and invest in multi-family real estate assets on the side! I manage my “health and fitness inspo” Instagram account (@lorifitlife) in my “free time” {does that exist as a mom to a toddler?!} It’s something I’m really passionate about and get so much fulfillment from! It has fulfilled my desire to have a “thing” for myself, outside of being a mom.

How did you get into health and fitness? What did your journey look like?

Throughout my 20’s I dabbled into attempting to “eat healthier” or “tone up”. But ultimately they ended up being 1-2 month-long stints of following random workout programs, and “fad” diet trends, until I eventually fizzled out, fell off, and went back to my normal routine. I always desired a more fit look, but it just didn’t seem like something attainable for me. The task of making any real progress felt so daunting!

While I was pregnant with my son, I gained 50 lbs. I had major nausea and food aversions that I had to take prescription medication for. I couldn’t stomach meat or veggies so I essentially lived off of Doritos, Cherry Pop-Tarts, and cream cheese bagels. As you can imagine – that really caught up to me! After delivery, I lost 30 lbs with relatively little effort. Just going back to my “normal” eating habits. But at 10 months post-partum, I realized I still had 20 lbs on my frame that was not budging anymore.

I turned to social media to try to “figure out” what my plan of attack should be. I am very fortunate to have stumbled upon the account @fitnesscarli. Carli Williams was also a mom looking to lose baby weight, in a simple and affordable way, and she came up with a no cooking, no-frills, delicious and easy “meal plan” that helped her shed the baby weight. I bought it, printed and bound it, and my journey really took off from there! Then, I started doing the workout plan BBG {Bikini Body Guide} by Kayla Itsines, combined with Carli’s meal plan. I tracked my calories in the Lose It app and started going on frequent stroller walks with my son. I couldn’t believe that the weight started to come off. And I wasn’t starving or eating terrible bland meals! I started my IG account as a way to connect with other women who were using Carli’s meal plan and doing Kayla’s BBG workouts. There is a very large social media community for both of these amazing women!

I was only tracking overall calories, which I think is a great starting point – but I eventually started hearing about “tracking macros” and the impact it can have on body recomposition (adding lean muscle and reducing body fat). Also, I was also reading about lifting heavier weights to lean out, and actually, increase metabolism – and who doesn’t want to be able to eat more food while being leaner?! I decided to invest in hiring a coach to help me reach my goals. I have been a client of Susan Dangerfield (DangerFit Personal Training) since March of 2018. Susan calculates my macros and also writes my strength training plans.

How do you encourage or educate others about living a healthy lifestyle?

I quickly learned that people have to want to live a healthier life for themselves. I never push my nutrition or training preferences on anyone else. Instead, I choose to lead by example and let the results speak for themselves. That piques some people’s interest and leads them to ask questions. I love using my Instagram account to share my ideas, tips and tricks because it’s a way for people to “see” what I’m doing – and choose what pieces of it they may want to try out for themselves. I think some people are shocked to see how much “good” food I still eat. And that’s truly my favorite part – showing people how losing weight can actually be done in an enjoyable way and seeing that light bulb go off as they’re like – “Ok, I’m losing weight, eating good food, no foods are off-limits, and I’m not even miserable!”

Why do you think it’s important to educate others about living a healthy lifestyle?

Our body is our biggest asset! Without a healthy body, we essentially have nothing. Everything else is dependent on that. Watching elderly people who have never exercised, live off of processed food, and spend countless hours and days at doctor’s appointments – motivates me to demand a better future for myself and my family. It’s kind of insane that the latest obesity statistic from the CDC is that 39.8% of adults in the US are obese. That’s nuts. It’s important for people to realize that weight loss is largely not about aesthetics. It’s about the fact that obesity-related conditions are heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. All conditions that lead to preventable, premature death.

What suggestions do you have for those looking to start living a healthier life?

Start small!! It is truly so much better this way. So many people get on a “kick” and want to go full throttle, and it truly just ends up being too much change at once. And then people feel like they’ve failed when 1 or 2 things start to slip, and they just “fall off”. My advice is to pick 2-3 SMALL improvements to start with. And don’t add more things into the mix until those things are easy and automatic.

So it might be something like – 1) Go on at least one 30-minute walk per week, 2) bring lunch to work (vs eating out) 2 out of 5 days, and 3) add 1 green vegetable to every weeknight dinner. You get the idea – folding in new habits slowly over time to make sustainable changes that will be for life!

One of my favorite mindset concepts is the paper towel effect. The paper towel effect says while the outside sheet may only cover 1 layer of the roll, the inside sheet may go around 4 times. That last sheet looks like it gives you 4 times the results of the first sheet, but in reality, the results are the same – your perception is just different! And you’ll never see the inside if you aren’t patient while the outside is coming off!  

Each small improvement alone doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, but as the lifestyle changes compound, they equal massive transformations physically, mentally, and for your health!

lori childs

What does a typical day of eating and workouts look like for you?

I have currently been going through alternating phases of fat loss, reverse dieting, and maintenance. The way in which I’m eating is highly dependent on which phase I’m in. But regardless, I’m a big-time creature of habit! Which I think is really helpful for living a healthy life. It’s all about establishing those habits that require less and less energy and thought over time!

Right now I’m in the trenches of fat loss. But trust me, that does not mean I’m not eating great food! Just a little less of it. I wake up at 4:15am during the work week but I choose to delay breakfast until 8:30am. I do this purely to reduce my total eating window for the day. I’ve found that I’m fine with just coffee for several hours in the morning, but once I start eating, my metabolism really gets going! Keeping my eating window to 12 hours or less helps me keep hunger at bay throughout the day. I also find that sticking to similar meal times each day helps to regulate hunger.

8:30am breakfast – I like to have a good amount of carbs with breakfast as it’s my only meal before I work out. One of my go to’s is oatmeal (carb) with Cocoabar in a Jar (healthy fat) mixed in, and a big portion of egg whites, (protein) seasoned well. The key is in the seasonings – I’m big on that!

11:00am workout – I work out at my company’s on-site gym. Either strength training with weights (3x week currently) or I walk on the treadmill to get my daily steps up. I listen to podcasts or audiobooks and multi-task (amazon orders, grocery order, pre-logging my meals, etc.)

12:30pm lunch – Currently enjoying a BIG cold salad with lots of veggies, deli turkey, cottage cheese, avocado, “spicy mayo” (greek yogurt) dressing, and lots of different seasonings.

2-3:00pm “lunch dessert” – I’m a creature of habit and I’ve been having “protein cookies” that I make from pumpkin, egg whites, and protein powder for about 8 months straight! I literally have not gotten tired of them. I top them with a protein icing made with greek yogurt, or sometimes “real” whipped frosting! The macros are similar to eating a protein bar, without all the added stuff, and WAY more filling IMO.

6:00pm dinner – This is usually my smallest meal of the day. Because I follow it up with a big dessert! It’s important to know your meal priorities and cater to them. If you love breakfast – put more calories there. I have a lot of dinner ideas posted on my Instagram. I try to keep this a simple and quick to make meal since it’s after a long day of work. Also everything I make is husband approved. He usually makes a few modifications from the way I eat my dinner to make it higher calorie for his needs. A few simple swaps do the trick. Add a microwaveable Minute rice cup, some avocado, and some full-fat cheese and his meal is more filling and calorie-dense.

8:00pm dessert – I know for a lot of women, we get those late-night munchies and sweet cravings. Having a very satisfying (and pretty large) dessert to look forward to all day, keeps me on track. Enlightened ice cream pints are pretty much my favorite (yes, the WHOLE pint). My favorite flavor is Brownie Cookie Dough and #2 flavor is Cookies and Cream. But when I’m deep into fat loss, I often go for Protein Fluff (on my Instagram page) with a bunch of delicious toppings.

Anything else you would like to share?

My number 1 tip for people who feel “stuck” with weight loss or fitness progress, is to take a look at your weekend eating habits. This is where most people go really off. It doesn’t take much to derail your work-week efforts. If you’re overdoing it on the weekend, it can be helpful to eat less restrictive and more satisfactory during the week! That way you don’t go into Friday night feeling deprived and ready to let loose! Getting control of my weekend nutrition was a game-changer for me. 

If you would like to follow along with Lori Childs you can find her on Instagram.


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    1. So glad you enjoyed the Fit Feature! I totally agree! I think the small steps are SO important!!

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