7 Amazing iPhone Photography Tips You Need To Know

iphone photography tips

The best camera to have is the one that’s with you all the time. What’s with us all the time? Our phones! Check out these iPhone photography tips below for stepping up your photography skills on your iPhone! 

iPhone Photography Tips

1. Shoot From a Low Angle 

Low angles make you look taller, longer and slimmer! Don’t be afraid to squat or drop down to your knees to get a lower angle for a photo. 

2. Use Two Hands When Taking Pictures

To avoid blurry images, hold your phone nice and steady with two hands! Typically it’s best to use one hand to steady your phone and the other hand to click the button to snap your picture. 

3. Purchase A Tripod

Never worry again about asking someone to take your picture! It’s worth purchasing a tripod. I bought this one for only $23 and it was SO worth it. The one that I purchased has a Bluetooth remote, so I can snap pictures easily of myself or group shots!  

4. Pay Attention To Lighting

Learning about lighting and paying attention to lighting is key when it comes to taking great pictures. Take advantage of natural lighting! If you are taking a picture at home, stand facing a window to get great natural lighting. Notice your lighting at home and when you are outside. Start to pay attention to how your photos look different (and better!) with more light! 

If you are in a darker room or do not have access to natural lighting, purchasing a ring light is another way to brighten up your photos!

You can also brighten your photos through editing or using presets. 

5. Understand Your Camera Settings. 

Depending on what iPhone you have, there are a variety of settings to choose from when taking pictures. 

  • Photo 

When you open your camera, Photo is the standard mode. This mode allows you to take both still and live photos. In this mode, your camera will auto-focus on the image and adjust the exposure based on where you are pointing your camera. You can change the focus by tapping on the place in the photo you want to focus on. In this mode, you can also take a photo burst. To take a burst of photos, press and hold the shutter button. 

  • Portrait

Portrait mode is available on iPhone 7 Plus and later. This mode keeps your subject sharp and in focus and blurs the background. To find Portrait mode, open your camera and swipe over to Portrait mode. Your phone then may prompt you to move further away from your subject, if needed. 

  • Square

Square mode allows you to take photos in the ideal size for most social media platforms. 

  • Pano

Use Pano mode to get a wide-angle. This mode is great for landscapes that won’t fit in your camera screen. To use Pano mode, follow the guide that appears. Tap the shutter button and carefully move your camera in a straight line, following the arrows. Do your best to keep the arrow on the yellow guide bar. 

6. Utilize Editing

Did you know you can brighten images right from your phone? No extra apps needed! When I first started trying to take nicer images, I was disappointed that my photos didn’t instantly look Instagram-worthy. The truth is, nobody’s first shot looks Instagram-worthy!

Take time to play with the brightness, shadows- right on your iPhone. You can also find an app that you like to edit photos as well, but there are many features available right on your phone! 

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

The more pictures you take, the more you will learn! Take time to practice flat-lays, selfies, photos of yourself with a tripod, photos of others, etc. Just because technology is right at our fingertips, that doesn’t mean we are natural-born photographers! Take time to practice and practice some more. 

Bonus Tip

If you are without your tripod and having a friend snap a photo for you, first show them exactly what you want.

Put them in the photo, where you will be. Then, step back and take the photo just like you want them to! Next, show them the image and how you want it to turn out. Show them exactly where to stand, the angle you want with the camera, etc. Giving your friend a few pointers will go a long way in getting the photo you desire!

Bottom Line

What do you think of these iPhone photography tips? Leave a comment below and share your best-kept secret when it comes to iPhone photos!