I Met the Love of My Life on A Dating App

I met the love of my life on a dating app. Branden and I have now been together for over 3 years- and he’s the man that I will marry and spend the rest of my life with.

Our story starts behind the screens of our phones.

Technology gets a bad rap a lot of the time, but without our phones and that dating app, it would have taken me a lot longer to find my soulmate.

We both downloaded an app called Plenty Of Fish. This app has a pretty extensive list of questions to answer about yourself and what you are looking for. I personally thought this was a good thing- as I hoped someone who took the time to fill out all of these questions would be looking for a serious relationship.

When I stumbled upon Branden’s profile, he had a picture of himself in his scrubs from work. I instantly thought he was WAY out of my league, but hoped I might have a chance with him.

My chance with him started with a simple question. He sent me a message that read: “Qdoba or Chipotle?”

After much hesitation and trying to be creative- I finally responded with Qdoba. And that was the answer he was looking for.

We chatted easily and quickly moved our conversation over to text. It didn’t take long for Branden to ask me to dinner.

When Branden offered to pick me up for our first date, I hesitated. I met this guy online and he wants to come to my house to pick me up? Either he’s a gentleman or a total creep… Much to my Mom’s disapproval, I went with my gut and allowed him to pick me up at my house for our first date.  

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but it was a sense of familiarity. Like, oh, it’s going to be you. We settled into easy conversation. He listened, laughed and I found myself being 100% myself.  Seriously, 100%. You know how sometimes when you meet somebody you try to act a little more polished or fun or sexy than you usually are?

Our night flew by. At the time, Branden was working third shift, so we ate and talked for a few hours, then he drove me home. Being the gentleman that he is, he walked me to my front door and leaned in to kiss me.

From the very beginning, there were no games, no question as to if he liked me, no grey area.

I quickly fell head over heels for him. It was that can’t eat, can’t sleep, kind of falling for him.

A few short weeks later I was home from work with a horrible colds and ear infection. It definitely  wasn’t one of those colds where you can still manage to look presentable… It was one of those colds where you have used kleenex on the floor and in your bed and you haven’t washed your hair in days kind of sickness. Branden insisted that he was going to come over and take care of me.

I didn’t have the energy to argue and decided that if he really wanted to see me at my worst, he could. He came over with tea, magazines and fuzzy socks. He then laid in my kleenex filled bed with me and asked me to officially be his girlfriend.

And honestly, the rest is history.

A few short months later, we moved into our first apartment together. People always told me that “when you know, you know” in regards to finding “the one” and falling in love. And that couldn’t ring more true in our story.

I truly couldn’t have designed someone more perfect for myself. I know this all sounds cheesy, and I certainly don’t mean to brag. It took me a long time and a lot of wrong guys to find the right one. If you’re still searching for Mr. Right, know that he is out there and he will come into your life at the perfect time.

The other key thing I hope you walk away with- be open with your story! We have never once been ashamed or embarrassed that we met online. We have never hid our story.  We are proud to say that we met the love of our life on a dating app!

I thought this kind of love and these kind of guys only existed in movies. But I’m lucky enough to call him mine, all because of this little app on my phone called Plenty of Fish.

We now live together in a cozy one bedroom apartment and have lots of plans for our future. We love being active, spending time outdoors and hanging out with our family. And yes, we do plan on getting married after we pay off our student loan debt.

Are you in a relationship? How did you and your significant other meet? I’d love to hear your love story!