Home Gym Essentials

Looking to set up a home gym? Building a home gym does not have to be expensive. Here are top recommendations for home gym essentials!

home gym essentials

Right now, many of us are being forced to workout at home. Even before the pandemic, maybe you dreamed of having a home gym. Here are my top recommendations for the home gym essentials.

It doesn’t take a ton of equipment to get a great workout in at home! All of these items are also available on Amazon, so you can build your home gym without leaving your house!

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As you start building your home gym, keep in mind the types of workouts that you usually do. Most people do not need all of these items, it depends what your goals are and what workouts you do!

Home Gym Essentials

Here are some great items to build your home gym! You certainly don’t need all of these items to get a great workout. Choose the items that fit your workouts!


Dumbbells can be used in so many ways! Typically dumbbells cost $1 per pound.

There are many dumbbell exercises that can be adjusted for every level and style of working out. Dumbbells are also small and easy to store if you do not have a dedicated workout space at home.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are cost-effective and an easy way to add or decrease the amount you are lifting.

Adjustable dumbbells are available in sizes for the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete. The combination of various sized weights allow you to customize your workouts.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are ideal for strength and resistance training. This set of resistance bands comes with handles, door anchors and ankle straps.

These resistance bands come in 5 resistance levels in 5 colors.

  • Yellow: for beginners or physical therapy.
  • Blue: for intermediate workouts
  • Green: for active users.
  • Black: for experienced users.
  • Red: for large muscle groups like legs.

You can choose to use the bands independently or in different combinations, with a maximum resistance level of 150 pounds.


Sliders make any workout more of a challenge and allow you to add balance, stability and coordination to your workout. These sliders are double-sided and work on both hard surfaces and carpet. Consider adding sliders to your lunges, planks and bridges for an extra challenge!

These sliders have over 4,000 highly recommended reviews on Amazon!

Adjustable Bench

An adjustable bench can be used for so many workouts at home! From traditional weighted workouts, to step-ups, to bench jumps… The options are endless.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is incredible cardio! You can also jump rope in small spaces and still work up a great sweat.

This jumprope comes with a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about getting it replaced!


Trampolines are great for cardio and rebounding! Rebounding is just another name for jumping on a small trampoline! Rebounding is a fun an effective way to improve cardiovascular health, tone your lower body, burn cals and improve your coordination.

Mini Bands

Mini bands are great for many types of workouts such as glue and hip activation and strength techniques! Resistance bands increase the effectiveness of your workouts and can also be used to increase mobility.

Bench and Rack

This bench comes with a rack. This rack allows you to add an olympic barbell and features 7 adjustable positions on the bench.

Olympic Barbell

An olympic barbell is great for various forms of powerlifting, weight lifting, bench press and cross-training exercises. This barbell weighs 44 pounds and has a 600 weight capacity. If you want to lift heavy at home, an Olympic barbell is a must!

Medicine Ball

You can use a medicine ball for a variety of workouts! I always like having one on hand to switch things up.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights can be added to any workout! Over time, ankle weights can increase the strength of your legs, increase your fat burn and increase the effectiveness of your workouts.


Treadmills are a great way to get your steps or LISS in at home! If the weather is yucky or you feel like staying in, having a treadmill can allow you many workout variations! You can walk, walk on an incline, run, jog, skip or even add ankle weights for added intensity.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are key to recovery! Before and after a workout, it is important to take care of your hard-working muscles.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats can be used to create comfortable flooring while you workout! While rubber mats are definitely not something that you need, but if you are looking to make your home gym have more of a “gym” feel, rubber mats are the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for a basic home gym?

For a basic home gym, you need equipment that you will use! If you do yoga, get a yoga mat and other yoga necessities. If you lift weights, you should choose weights, a bench, etc. Pick your basic home gym equipment based on the workouts you like to do!

What do you need for a home weightlifting gym?

For a home weightlifting gym, start by investing in some dumbbells and an adjustable bench.