118 Of The Most Delicious Healthy 4th Of July Recipes

Are you on the hunt for healthy 4th Of July recipes? We’ve got you covered!

healthy 4th of july recipes

We have rounded up 118 of the best healthy 4th Of July recipes! We found desserts, drinks, salads, pastas, marinades, appetizers, main dishes and more! Any possible 4th of July recipe you may need can be found here!

The Best Healthy 4th Of July Recipes

1. Keto Fruit Pizza Cookies

healthy 4th of july

These fruit pizza cookies are keto and low carb! They are also just as delicious as they are pretty!

2. Festive Fourth Of July Charcuterie Board

healthy 4th of july

This charcuterie board is perfect for any Fourth of July event! A charcuterie board is a perfect way to add in fruits, veggies and other fun foods.

3. Gluten-Free Blueberry Cobbler

This Gluten Free Blueberry Cobbler has a sweet blueberry filling and a biscuit topping! Best of all, it’s easy to make, filled with good-for-you ingredients and is a crowd favorite!

4. Firecracker Watermelon Salad

healthy fourth of july

This Firecracker Watermelon Salad is the perfect dish for any 4th of July event! It is refreshing with a touch of heat. Everyone is sure to enjoy this fresh salad!

5. 4th Of July Red, White And Blue Smoothie

cook and eat healthyish

This smoothie is a great snack or breakfast idea for Independence Day! All you need is bananas, strawberries, coconut cream and blue spirulina!

6. Keto No-Bake Cheesecake

most popular 4th of july food

This keto no-bake cheesecake is simple to make and requires no baking. It’s the perfect summer treat that doesn’t involve turning on the oven!

7. Easy Fruit Sparkler Recipe

kid friendly fourth of july recipes

These fruit sparklers are cute and fun to make with kiddos! The best part is they are made entirely of fruit, so they are a super healthy option!

8. 4th Of July Peanut Butter Brownies

fourth of july desserts

These fudgy brownies are delicious and are a super festive dessert for the 4th of July!

9. Berry Fruit Salad

This Berry Fruit Salad is made with fresh berries, honey lime poppy seed dressing apple-shaped stars. This festive dish is ideal for any summer event!

10. Strawberry Popsicles

simple recipes for 4th of july

These Strawberry Popsicles are made with fresh strawberries and are vegan, dairy free, eggless, and gluten free. This recipe is perfect for a summer treat!

11. Watermelon Agua Fresca

old-fashioned 4th of july menu

This Watermelon Agua Fresca is made with fresh watermelon, lime juice and agave nectar. This is the perfect light, summery drink for any event!

12. Broccoli Salad with Feta and Cranberries

4th of july chicken recipes

This Broccoli Salad is perfect to pair with any meal you may grill this summer or for 4th of July! It is made with crispy bacon, sunflower seeds, craisins, feta cheese and a dressing that does not contain mayo!

13. Grilled Steak Caprese Appetizers

4th of july main dish ideas

These Grilled Steak Caprese Appetizers are a simple to make and sure to impress! The steak is seasoned with Italian seasoning and topped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil.

14. Greek Chicken Marinade

best things to grill 4th of july

This Greek Chicken Marinade is made with lemon, garlic and fresh herbs. It takes just minutes to whip up and calls for only a handful of fresh and healthy ingredients.

15. Strawberry Slushies

These vegan strawberry slushies are made with real strawberries and kombucha. This is the ideal drink for cooling down during the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you eat healthy on the 4th Of July?

You can eat healthy on the 4th Of July by bringing a healthy dish to pass! You can also choose to eat before you go to a celebration to ensure you are eating the foods that you want to eat. Additionally, you could opt for a small serving of treats and fill up on as much protein and veggies as possible.

What is a traditional July 4th meal?

A typical 4th Of July meal involves grilling hot dogs, brats and hamburgers! Typically there are pasta dishes, desserts and other festive options as well. But there’s no right or wrong way to eat on the 4th Of July!

This post was all about healthy 4th Of July recipes.

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