DMoose Review – Everything You Need To Know About Their Workout Equipment And Supplements

Are you curious about DMoose and their products? In this review, we will dive into all of their offerings.

dmoose review

If you are looking for workout equipment or supplements, you may have come across DMoose. It’s hard to know what brands you can trust and where to spend your money.

In this guide, we will share everything you need to know about DMoose. Keep reading to learn more!

About DMoose

DMoose’s mission is to help everyday people lead healthy, balanced lives by providing them with the vision, the motivation, and the tools they need to hit their fitness goals.

DMoose was founded by Mussayab Ehtesham (aka Moose). Mussayab was born in Pakistan and later moved to Canada to pursue his education at The University of Western Ontario. After working for seven years as a mechanical engineer, Mussayab was on his own wellness journey and realized there weren’t enough equipment options for the everyday athlete. He then began building a community of health resources that later evolved into DMoose.

DMoose Equipment

DMoose offers a wide variety of workout and fitness equipment. Here are some of their product offerings.

DMoose Calf Stretcher & Foot Stretcher

The DMoose calf and foot stretcher is designed to strengthen joints and leg muscles. It is particularly beneficial for people with conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon strain, and shin splints. It’s also suitable for any active individual.

The stretcher has a patented design with six hand loops for various stretching levels, making it easy to use. Made from premium neoprene, it is durable and recommended by therapists for reducing leg pain, improving strength, lubricating joints, enhancing stability, and supporting rehabilitation.

Additionally, this calf and foot stretcher is an excellent tool for preventing injuries, improving posture, reducing body aches, and increasing flexibility.

DMoose Ab Roller Wheel

The DMoose ab roller wheel is designed to help you sculpt your abs, build your core strength, and improve your overall fitness.

Using the ab roller can increase core power and stability while also relieving backaches by aligning your spine correctly during workouts. It targets multiple muscle groups, providing a full-body workout that enhances mobility and muscle pain tolerance.

DMoose Fabric Resistance Bands

The DMoose fabric resistance bands are made in the USA and are suitable for intense exercises like weight training, stretching, and full-body workouts.

What sets these bands apart is their non-slip and skin-friendly fabric construction, ensuring comfort throughout workouts and preventing the common issue of rolling up, typically encountered with rubber bands.

These resistance bands have five resistance levels, ranging from Light to Super Heavy (5 to 245 lbs), making them adaptable for various exercises targeting different muscle groups. The portability of these bands allows for easy use at the gym, office, or home, and they can be conveniently cleaned with either cold or warm water.

DMoose Supplements

DMoose also has a supplement line. DMoose uses high-quality ingredients in their supplements, making them a great choice for everyday athletes and competitive athletes.

DMoose Creatine Powder

DMoose Daily Multivitamins for Men & Women

DMoose Pre Workout Powder

Dmoose pre-workout powder increases blood flow and enhances workout intensity. This pre-workout powder also contains Alpha-GPC to support cognitive performance by boosting choline levels in the brain.

Quick Look

  • Comes in 2 flavors: watermelon and mango punch
  • 300 mg caffeine
  • Contains creatine and L-arginine

DMoose Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Build lean muscle with Dmoose whey protein powder! This protein powder contains no fillers, dyes, or artificial flavors making it a great clean protein powder option.

Quick Look

  • 25 grams of protein per serving
  • Contains no fillers, sugars, artificial flavors or dyes
  • Contains BCAAs
  • Comes in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla