11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On Pinterest

We’ve all heard of Pinterest, but how can Pinterest benefit your business? Let’s start by clearing the air. Pinterest is not a social network. Pinterest is a visual discovery platform, according to Tailwind.

11 Reasons Your Business Needs To Be On Pinterest

Now that we know Pinterest is not your average social media platform, let’s take a look at the benefits of having a business presence on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest can help you sell more 

According to Tailwind, “72 percent of Pinners say that Pinterest has introduced them to a new product or service and that Pinterest has inspired them to shop when they weren’t actually looking for anything.”

BlendJet, a portable blender brand, credits Pinterest with a lot of their sales volume. BlendJet sells one blender every minute, 24/7. Their ongoing Pinterest campaigns have achieved an over 8x return on ad spend, achieved over 2x sales performance higher on Pinterest as compared to other platforms used and they continue to outperform their campaign goals.

Currently, Pinterest is the second-largest driver of visitors to the BlendJet website, referring a similar volume of traffic as other social channels at a fraction of the cost.

2. Pinterest can help you grow your email list

You can use Pinterest to grow your email list by promoting your lead magnet in your Pinterest bio. Pinterest doesn’t allow you to use live links in your bio, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from using this method.

Melyssa Griffin has over 60,000 email subscribers and part of her success has come from promoting her lead magnets in her Pinterest bio.

You can also directly pin your lead magnet and direct users to your landing page!

3. Pinterest can help you get more traffic to your website

According to Tailwind, Pinterest drives 33 percent more referral traffic to shopping sites than does Facebook, 71 percent more than Snapchat, and 200 percent more than Twitter! Clearly, the potential for your online store on Pinterest is huge. 

Hunter makes stylish, high-quality rain boots, clothing and accessories. Recently Hunter was looking to drive awareness to their line. According to Pinterest, “Hunter’s Promoted Videos drew an engaged audience, grew important brand metrics and drove significant traffic to the Hunter digital store. It was clear that Pinners connected with the videos: on average, they viewed 47% of each video. Off Pinterest, referral traffic increased significantly.” (Source)

4. Pinterest can help you monetize your blog

“Using Pinterest for your blog is a great way to promote it to a wide audience. While implementing best practices does take time, none of them are difficult. In fact, you’ve already done the hard part by creating great content,” according to Tailwind.

Alex Nerney has used Pinterest to successfully build a following and drive traffic and revenue for not one, but two online blogs and businesses. Alex has more than 3 million monthly views on one Pinterest account and more than 4 million on another. The Inbound Success Podcast recently featured Alex, where he discussed his Pinterest strategy.

Alex stated, “We get 4.4 million viewers, [that] translates to about 200 thousand organic visitors to our blog and our website. [Pinterest] is the primary traffic source driving in all of the income for Avocadu. We get Google traffic, as well, but [this is] a blog that does $10 grand to $20 grand per month, really on autopilot without us having to touch and do much to it.”

To understand the statistics a bit more, Alex explained, “so there are some specific stats that you can expect. Out of your total impressions on Pinterest, which is what you’re seeing, the 3.1 million, I can probably get, what, 15% of that to actually click or click over 15%, 20% of that. But, again, that represents a substantial amount of traffic. And then, as well, I think something that’s so much more valuable than that is the fact that it’s organic and searchable over time, because nothing allows you to scale more than having consistent traffic coming in and knowing that it’s coming in every month, because it frees you up to focus on things like optimization and email marketing and these types of things.”

5. Pinterest can help you grow your social media platforms 

Post content from Instagram or other social media platforms to Pinterest as well and link back to your social media account! You can Pin images from Instagram by clicking the three dots in the top right-hand side of your Instagram image. Then copy the link and go to Pinterest. When you go to Pinterest, it should prompt you by saying “Save the link you copied?” Click that and then save your Instagram image to Pinterest. Make sure to update your caption to searchable words on Pinterest, rather than a long-from Instagram caption. 

It is recommended that you save all Instagram images to one specific board! 

6. There are over 200 million monthly Pinterest users worldwide on the platform. 

Shaw Communications Inc. is a leading Canadian connectivity company. For their first steps on Pinterest, Shaw wanted to raise brand awareness, particularly among young millennials. A recent Promoted Pin and Video campaign helped Shaw Communications connect with a whole new audience. Shaw Communications used a platform with a wide userbase to gather a new audience.

7. On Pinterest, your pins are evergreen.

Your ideas live on and on and provide value long after the day they’re posted. Some people (like your followers) will see Pins right after you post them. Other people might find your content months, or even years later.

8. Of people on Pinterest, 72 percent use the platform to find new ideas for their everyday life or hobbies.

Recently, Starz wanted to drive awareness and tune-in rates for its new series “The White Princess.” Starz ran a campaign using Promoted Video and Promoted Pins. They found that the campaign on Pinterest led to a 96 percent increase in show awareness and a more than 2X increase in intent to tune-in among females. Starz was able to capitalize on this statistic and promote their series to provide a new hobby for those on the platform.

9. Learn about your audience preferences.

Use Pinterest Analytics to learn about your various audiences, and then reach them with custom, relevant creative and messaging based on what they’re looking for.

10. Promote content on Pinterest with both pictures and videos.

Pinterest users are 54 percent more likely to agree that videos on the platform inspire them to take action, and are 53 percent more likely to purchase a brand/product after seeing a video.

American Family Insurance is in the business of dreams—inspiring, protecting and restoring them. They used Promoted Video to illustrate a few good reasons why home buyers need coverage, lifting product awareness by 4 percent. 

11. Pinterest can help you find new customers and new leads.

Recently, Hubble, a contact lens company, used Pinterest to find new customers. According to Dan Rosen, Hubble’s creative director, “Our goal was to reach a new set of people. We started off on Facebook but we felt like there are a lot of people who either don’t use Facebook or don’t use Facebook to shop. So we wanted to explore other digital channels. On Pinterest, we found our audience with a mix of targeting tactics: actalikes, engagement, keyword search, retargeting, and interests.”

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are so many reasons that you need to have your business on Pinterest! 

Are you interested in getting your business on Pinterest, but not sure where to start? I would recommend starting with the Pinterest With Ell course. This course is affordable and will help you get started marketing your business on Pinterest!