5 Of The Best Essential Amino Acid Supplements

Are you looking for the best essential amino acid supplements? In this article, we have rounded up the best EAAs to help you out.

best essential amino acid supplements

In this article, we are sharing the best essential amino acid supplements to help you improve your exercise performance and recovery.

What Are Essential Amino Acids?

Essential amino acids (EAAs) are amino acids that our body cannot create, so we must consume them via food or supplements. EAAs are the building blocks of protein. They help you to grow and maintain lean muscle, improve recovery time and assist in mental performance.

There are nine essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine, histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and tryptophan.

EAAs are the foundation of protein in your body, so if you are not getting adequate levels of EAAs, this could prevent you from reaching your fitness and wellness goals.

Taking a quality essential amino acid supplement is a great way to make sure your body is getting the optimal level of aminos to help you reach your goals.

The Best Essential Amino Acid Supplements

Reviews Of The Best Essential Amino Acid Supplements

Kion Aminos Powder – Best Overall

Kion Aminos Powder is a blend of leucine-enriched essential amino acids in a powder form. According to Kion, new research shows that EAA supplements rich in the amino acid, leucine, work even better than traditional EAAs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, aid in muscle repair, and support athletic recovery.

Kion Aminos Powder comes in four amazing flavors: cool lime, mixed berry, watermelon and mango. All Kion products are research-backed, made with clean ingredients and designed to support natural energy.

To consume, mix one scoop with 16 ounces of water. To enhance workout performance and recovery, consume 1 scoop within 30 minutes of your workout.

Quick Look

  • 30 servings per container
  • 5 grams EEAs per serving
  • Vegan and gluten-free

Kion Aminos Capsules – Best Essential Amino Acids For Fasting

Kion Aminos Capsules are the best capsule form of EAAs and they are a great option to consume while fasting.

These aminos capsules help you take your fast to the next level. According to Kion, EAAs help suppress the appetite, increase mental focus and reduce fatigue, making them perfect for fasted workouts or long work days. Kion Aminos are clean, free of sugar or artificial sweeteners and plant-based.

These aminos capsules contain no binders, fillers or dyes. Additionally, they are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO.

Quick Look

  • 30 servings per bottle
  • 5 grams EEAs per serving
  • Convenient capsule form

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy – Best Essential Amino Acids With Caffeine

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy is the best essential amino acid that contains caffeine. Each serving contains 100 mg of caffeine from green tea and green coffee extracts. This unique formula that combines EAAs and energy helps give you an energy boost and the mental focus you need.

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy comes in 11 delicious flavors: concord grape, blue raspberry, fruit fusion, green apple, orange cooler, watermelon, blueberry lemonade, blueberry mojito, pineapple, strawberry burst and strawberry lime.

Quick Look

  • 65 servings per container
  • 100 mg caffeine per serving
  • 5 grams EEAs per serving

Granite Essential Amino Acids – Best All-In-One Essential Amino Acid Supplement

Granite Essential Amino Acids are the best all-in-one essential amino acid supplement. This product is a full-spectrum EAA that contains all the EAAs and BCAAs.

Granite Essential Amino Acids were created by the late John Meadows, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. This product comes in four flavors: strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, green apple and orange creamsicle.

Quick Look

  • 30 servings per container
  • Contains 10 grams EAAs, 7 grams BCAAs
  • Made in USA
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

VitaMonk Clean EAAs – Best Essential Amino Acid With No Artificial Sweeteners

VitaMonk Clean EAAs are a quality EAA supplement that is made with no artificial sweeteners. Additionally, VitaMonk Clean EAAs are dairy-free, contain no high fructose corn syrup and are free of banned substances.

This EAA supplement is doctor formulated and contains 9 essential amino acids. All of VitaMonk’s supplements are made and tested in the USA. All products (including Clean EAAs) are tested for potency, purity, toxins, mold and heavy metals.

Quick Look

  • 30 servings per container
  • Contains no artificial sweetness
  • Contains 5.5 grams EAAs
  • Made in USA
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Benefits Of Using Essential Amino Acid Supplements

Here are some of the top benefits of using an essential amino acid supplement:

  • Helps improve exercise performance and recovery
  • May help to preserve muscle mass
  • Helps reduce muscle soreness
  • Assists in immune function
  • Can help to reduce fatigue during workouts
  • Supports metabolic and digestive health

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) vs Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

Now that you know the best essential amino acid supplements, you may be wondering about the difference between branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs).

The key difference between BCAAs and EAAs is that BCAAs are typically made up of 3 out of 9 essential amino acids, whereas EAAS constitutes nine amino acids that are considered to be essential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand for EAA?

The best brands of EAA are Kion, Optimum Nutrition, Transparent Labs and VitaMonk.

What is the best form of amino acids to take?

The best form of amino acids is through whole food sources like animal proteins such as meat, eggs and poultry. If you are not able to consume amino acids via whole food sources, a supplement is a great option.

Is it safe to take amino acids every day?

Yes, it is safe to consume amino acids every day.

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