Ting Review + $25 Credit

Every month I dreaded the US Cellular bill that would arrive in my inbox. It seemed outrageous that I was paying over $80 for a single cell phone plan. My boyfriend was in the same boat. We talked about putting both of our phones on the same plan to save money, but after looking into it, we realized we wouldn’t be saving any money. Sigh.

We were stumped, broke and desperate for a lower cell phone bill. So we started to do some research. That’s when we stumbled across Ting.

Ting is a cell phone company with monthly plans that average $20-$30 per month. Ting has an agreement with Verizon and Sprint. That means that anywhere Verizon or Sprint have calling, texting and data coverage, Ting has coverage!

Why the heck is it so cheap?! Ting only makes you pay for what you use! For example if you use 100MB of data in a month, you only pay for 100MB of data which comes out to just $3 per month! Most other cell phone companies like US Cellular and Verizon require you to have a 1GB data plan, which is usually around $35 per month for data alone. ALSO- because Ting only charges you for what you use, there are no overage fees!

If you’re looking for the $25 free credit, here it is. I would, however, encourage you to keep reading about my experience with Ting!

Honestly, it sounded way too good to be true. A cell phone bill that would be HALF the price I was currently paying AND no contract to sign?! SIGN ME UP!

But we did a lot of research before we switched over. We wanted a reliable phone company and we were skeptical about moving to a company we had never heard of. We wanted to get good service, get a good internet connection and have a company we could rely on.

Disclaimer: I am someone who absolutely depends on my cell phone. I have zero sense of direction (though, I don’t care to admit that very often) and rely on Google Maps to get me places. So it was out of the question to switch to an unreliable company.

We’ve heard of the horror stories of other smaller cell phone companies so we were definitely skeptical. But we decided to take the plunge. We were both at the end of our contracts with our current phones, so we simply ordered a Ting SIM card for $9, punched in our info online and BAM we were set up with a new phone company in a matter of minutes. And we were able to keep our old phone numbers!

However, if you are not at the end of your contract, Ting can help! If your current cell phone company wants to pay you to leave, Ting will give you 25% of whatever they want to charge you to cancel, up to $75 per device in Ting credit for switching! Plus in most cases you can bring your current phone with you to your Ting plan, so you aren’t forced to switch phones right away!

We have had great coverage- even out in the middle of nowhere at my parent’s house. And our bills are HALF of what we were paying. Here is a copy of one of my recent bills.

Ting cell phone bill

With something that sounds THIS good- there must be a catch, right? Not really! The ONLY downside of Ting is that the company requires you to pay for the whole retail price of the phone.

Dan Arrington, a fellow Ting user, explains this well. In his words, “You might ask, “why do I have to pay $300 for a Galaxy from Ting, when I can get one for just $100 from Verizon?” Well the fact is that when you buy a $100 Galaxy from Verizon, you’re locked into an expensive monthly plan for two years.”

He continues by sharing, “say for example, you’re a family of four. If you each use an average number of minutes, texts and data per month (300 minutes, 700 texts and 400 MB), with Verizon you’d have to pay $220 per month. However with Ting, your total monthly price comes out to be just $112 per month.

This means over the course of a 2-year contract you’d save $2592 by switching to Ting. Even after subtracting the $800 difference for FOUR Galaxy phones, you’d still save $1,792 over the course of 2 years.”


My boyfriend and I have been with Ting for over 2 years now. The coverage is awesome and our bills are half of what they used to be. If you have a cell phone bill over $50 per month, I would recommend you considering Ting! There’s no reason to pay so much money for an expensive cell phone plan when you can get the SAME THING at half the price.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Ting review! Here is a $25 credit for you to use when you sign up for Ting using this link.