Happy Bum Co Review: Everything You Need To Know

Here is a Happy Bum Co review. Learn everything you need to know about Happy Bum Co.

happy bum co review

If you have ever looked for enema products and supplies, you may have come across Happy Bum Co. In this article, we will review Happy Bum Co and their products.

About Happy Bum Co

Happy Bum Co was founded by Kyah Seary. Kyah is a Colon Hydrotherapist, Gut Health Specialist and Mother of two who strongly believes in the benefits of detoxification after her extreme childhood constipation left her desperate for relief.

Kyah created Happy Bum Co so she that she could share tools for gut health with others. In 2018, Kyah opened her own Colon Hydrotherapy clinic in Brisbane. At that time, she began searching for enema kits to offer her clients. She wasn’t happy with the options that were on the market, so she decided to create her own line of products.

One of Kyah’s goals was to change the mentality around enemas and detoxing to create a positive, supportive and encouraging community of like-minded people searching for better health.

Kyah has her own story of extreme constipation, so she truly can relate to the health issues you may be facing. “After discovering colonics and enemas, my entire life changed and my health transformed. My migraines disappeared, bloating and discomfort vanished, my skin improved, energy skyrocketed and I felt mentally, physically and emotionally so much clearer! I never want anyone else to have to go through what I did, suffering daily from toxicity and constipation. That is why we have created the Happy Bum Co, a community of like minded people who are empowered to take control of their own health, explore the benefits of detoxification and are here to support each other.” -Kyah Seary

Review Of Happy Bum Co Products

Happy Bum Co offers a wide variety of enema products and bundles. Keep reading to learn more about all of the products.

Happy Bum Bag Complete Enema Kit

The Happy Bum Bag is a premium 2 liter enema bag that is made of BPA-free silicone. The bag comes with a carrying bag, 3 replacement tips, a hanging hook and a user guide.

The Happy Bum Bag Complete Enema Kit is perfect for using at home or for traveling. The bag is easy to fold, store and clean. This kit provides all of the tools you need to get started!

happy bum complete enema kit

Happy Bum Bulb Kit

The Happy Bum Bulb Kit is a small device that is used as a very effective way to administer probiotics, herbs and essential oils directly to your blood stream. Any solution that you administer via your Happy Bum Bulb can reach your liver in a matter of minutes as they are absorbed straight through the rectal veins.

The Happy Bum Bulb Kit comes with a bulb, hose and silicone tip. The bulb is 330 ml capacity. The purpose of the bulb is to retain therapeutic solutions, not to release them.

happy bum co bulb kit

Happy Bum Beans

The Happy Bum Beans is coffee made specifically for coffee enemas. Happy Bum Beans are a blend of Ethiopian and PNG lower altitude coffee. The Happy Bum blend is very gentle on the gut, which means it can be used by sensitive enema users as well.

The Happy Bum Beans are made from 100% Fair Trade Organic Medium Roast Coffee.

happy bum co beans

Happy Bum Turmeric Blend

The Happy Bum Turmeric Blend is an anti-inflammatory solution that is made to be used with the bulb. Anti-inflammatory enemas can help to lower inflammation in the body. The Happy Bum Turmeric Blend is made of all organic, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The Happy Bum Turmeric Blend was made to be used with the bulb and to be retained, not released.

happy bum co soothe

Happy Bum Gut Scrub

The Happy Bum Gut Scrub is also called Diatomaceous Earth (food grade fossil shell flour). This product is made of minerals rich in silica, calcium, magnesium zinc, and iron. This product is meant to be consumed orally. It helps to support hair growth, healthy skin, strong bones and healthy teeth, eliminate bloating, parasites and other digestive issues.

To consume, mix 1 tablespoon with water. Adequately mix and drink right away.

happy bum co gut scrub

Happy Bum Biotic

The Happy Bum Biotic is a pre and probiotic blend that was created to be used in the Happy Bum Bulb. This blend is meant to be retained, not released. Using Happy Bum Biotic helps to add friendly bacteria to your colon. This blend is great for creating a healthy gut microbiome, replenishing good bacteria after detoxing, or improving gut health, immune health and overall wellness.

happy bum biotic

Happy Bum Mag

Happy Bum Mag is a magnesium oxide supplement. This supplement is taken orally and helps to relieve constipation. Additionally, Happy Bum Mag assists in “great releases during an enema as it softens the stool from the top down and oxygenates/liquifies any stubborn waste laying in the bowel,” according to the Happy Bum Co website.

To use Happy Bum Mag, take 4 capsules with water before bed. If you do not have 3-5 bowel movements over the course of the next day, Happy Bum Co recommends increasing your dosage by 1 capsule each night until you achieve 3-5 bowel movements. You can take Happy Bum Mag 2-3 times per week or as desired. Be sure you are drinking plenty of water while you take this supplement. Proper hydration will help you see the best results.

Quick Facts

  • Quantity: 120 capsules
  • Serving size: 4 capsules
  • Servings per container: 30
happy bum co mag

Happy Bum Plunger

The Happy Bum Plunger is a great way to help you prepare all of your Happy Bum blends. To use, add your Happy Bum Blend into the plunger and then fill with boiled water. Then, let stand for 10 minutes, then plunge!

Be sure that you wait for the blend to cool completely to room temperature before placing it into your Happy Bum Bag or Bulb. The plunger is safe to be put in the fridge for use later.

happy bum co plunger

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Happy Bum Co?

Happy Bum Co is owned by Kyah Seary.

What are the benefits of coffee enemas?

Coffee enemas can assist the body in eliminating harmful parasites and candida, fungus, boost antioxidant levels and can help detoxify the liver. Read our full guide on coffee enema benefits.

This post was a Happy Bum Co review.