Santa Approved: These Dairy-Free Christmas Cookie Recipes Will Make Your Taste Buds Sleigh!

Christmas doesn’t have to be boring without dairy! Explore the best dairy-free Christmas cookie recipes that will make your taste buds sleigh!

dairy free christmas cookie recipes

‘Tis the season for holiday treats! If you are looking to whip up some festive cookies, we have created a guide with the best dairy-free Christmas cookie recipes!

You won’t feel deprived when you have so many delicious Christmas treats to choose from! Keep reading to learn more!

62 Of The Best Dairy-Free Christmas Cookie Recipes

Classic Swaps To Make Your Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes Dairy-Free

Here are some common swaps to help you turn your favorite recipes dairy-free:

Milk Alternatives

Swap regular milk with almond, soy, coconut, oat, or rice milk. Each has its unique flavor, so you may need to experiment and find your favorite.

Butter Alternatives

Instead of normal butter, opt for dairy-free margarine or plant-based butters made from ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil.

Yogurt Alternatives

Replace dairy yogurt with coconut, almond, or soy yogurt for a creamy alternative.

Whipping Cream Alternatives

Coconut cream can also be whipped to create a dairy-free alternative for desserts. There are also now non-dairy Reddi Wips available too!

Additional Dairy-Free Resources

If you are new to living a dairy-free lifestyle, you may be looking for some additional resources.

Bottom Line

There’s nothing better than baking holiday cookies! Embracing a dairy-free lifestyle doesn’t have to mean missing out on holiday treats. Happy baking!

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