We Are Homeowners!

We Are Homeowners!

Branden and I are officially homeowners! We are so excited for this journey together!


We have been dreaming of getting out of our apartment and getting a yard for Lidi. Everything aligned with our house! We saw it on a Monday night, put an offer in on Tuesday and had our offer accepted by Tuesday evening!

Branden and I have lived in a one-bedroom apartment for the entirety of our relationship. We have loved our cozy apartments, but we are ready for more space and a yard! Our house has office space for me, a gaming/streaming room for Branden, a full basement, a beautiful yard and so much storage space in the kitchen!

I won’t lie – the home buying process was stressful as heck! We did our best to stay positive and focus on what we could control during each and every curveball that came our way. Though the process was a roller coaster, we are so incredibly grateful to call this home ours.

We’ve already tackled some projects, like painting, installing handrails and replacing the witches stairs that led to the basement. We are excited about all the future projects we get to do here together!

We are so grateful for our family! They were so instrumental in helping us move and helping us tackle projects already.

Cheers to being homeowners!!

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