45 Insanely Motivating Intermittent Fasting Before And After Pictures

Are you looking for motivating fasting before and after pictures? If so, you have come to the right place. Prepare to be inspired!

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Sometimes we need proof that our goals are possible. It can be really motivating and inspiring to see before and after pictures. This article is dedicated to before and after pictures of individuals who have used intermittent fasting to lose weight.

45 Insanely Motivating Intermittent Fasting Before And After Pictures

Less Bloat And Less Guilt

Buying Clothes In New Sizes

OMAD Before And After

Living The Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

28 Pound Weight Loss

Maintaining 75 Pound Weight Loss

More Energy And Clearer Skin

Down 81 Pounds And Maintaining For 3+ Years

Eliminated Debilitating Migraines + 30 Pound Weight Loss

Down 64 Pounds With Alternate Day Fasting

Aging In Reverse

Ditching Diet Mentality

OMAD Diet Before And After

Size 22 To Size 10

Fasting Before After

Better Health, Better Sleep Thanks To Fasting

Maintaining Weight Loss With Fasting

Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Before And After

45 Pound Weight Loss

Prolon Before And After (Fasting Mimicking Diet)

From Multiple Meals Per Day To OMAD

3 Years Of Consistent Intermittent Fasting

5:2 Fasting

Face To Face Fasting Results

Maintaining Alternate Day Fasting Results

100 Pounds Down With Fasting

One year of intermittent fasting and one hundred pounds later… starting weight 248 currently 148. I wasn’t doing fasting right for two months and almost quit. I am so glad I figured it out. What are your biggest struggles with it?
by u/hannahrenegade in intermittentfasting

IF Results

My Nickname in High School was Lard Ass and I’ve been over 220 pounds since 5th grade. I (27F) started IF in January 2020 and for the first time in my life, I weigh 160! Looks like I need a new Nickname.
by u/mrsjhev1 in intermittentfasting

205 Pound Weight Loss

205lbs lost since June of 2018. Proper human diet and IF.
by u/l2ickeh in intermittentfasting

10 Month Progress IF

Posted face gains yesterday, you guys gave me the confidence to post my (fully clothed) body progress. 10 months IF & CICO
by in intermittentfasting

Down 120 Pounds

Update – down 120 lbs…feeling great!
by u/jphigga in intermittentfasting

145 Pounds Down Thanks To IF

August 2018 to August 2019 to today: 145lbs down and officially under 200lbs for the first time in my adult life thanks to IF
by in intermittentfasting

Intermittent Fasting Results After 1 Year

It’s been exactly 365 days since my friend took the picture that made me decide to change my diet, so today we recreated it. I’m fown from XXXL shirts to M, 46″ waist to 34″. IF+keto, and this sub has been a huge help and inspiration.
by u/CaptLongbeard in intermittentfasting

43 Pounds Lost

Eight months and 43 pounds down!
by u/KGutfrucht in intermittentfasting

Down 175 lbs from Feb 2019 using IF (ADF & 16:8)

F/41/5’5” down 175 lbs from Feb 2019 using IF (ADF & 16:8), keto. Maintaining since summer 2020 but body composition continues to change.
by u/Wobbiesaurus in intermittentfasting

200 pound weight loss and reverse type 2 diabetes with fasting

Intermittent fasting help me lose 200 pounds and reverse type 2 diabetes
by u/wtcbtc in intermittentfasting

16:8 Intermittent Fasting

3 years of IF 16:8 , lots of cardio, and learning how to accept yourself once you’re 115 pounds lighter and feeling like a new person! You can do it.
by u/sushichips99 in intermittentfasting

OMAD and 16:8

lost 40 pounds and got my face back. (OMAD on workdays, 16:8 on days off)
by u/bravokjuliet in intermittentfasting

100 Pounds Down

The results of me doing intermittent fasting for 1 year. 100lb difference between pics.
by u/RealKyrisk in intermittentfasting

10 Months Of IF

Almost 10 months of IF. Every time photos show up on my timehop, I’m reminded how far I’ve come.
by u/GuantanamoTrey in intermittentfasting

One Meal A Day Results

I hit my goal! Two years ago I was erroring out a 400 pound scale. I lost 200 pounds! 50% of my mass! From maxing out XXXXXL shirts to fitting in Large shirts. From size 58 pants to 32s! OMAD (One Meal A Day) Intermittent fasting is how I did it.
by u/FilmAndFire in intermittentfasting

Improved Health And Weight Loss

The VA told me I was Type 2 and on a road to a heart attack, IF and this subreddit saved my life. SW: 272 CW: 210 GW: 200
by u/integralsrulz2 in intermittentfasting

16:8 Fasting Results

35F – 60 pounds down. Black coffee is the breakfast of champions. (16-8)
by u/PEN-15-CLUB in intermittentfasting

30 Pounds Down

30lb difference. It’s like I don’t even remember being that person on the left… fasting taught me discipline in so many areas of my life.
by u/bef_ in intermittentfasting

6 Months Of IF

6 months IF 16:8 feeling more confident!
by in intermittentfasting

Intermittent Fasting Change My Life For The Better

F/33/5’1 [210+lbs > 123 lbs = 87 lbs down] (4 years) Sometimes change is good! Intermittent fasting definitely changed my life for the better!
byu/cinnamon_daydream inprogresspics

How To Take Fasting Before And After Pictures

If you are ready to start your fasting journey, you may wonder how you can take your own progress pictures.

Before pictures give you a way to track your progress without relying on the scale. The weight you see on the scale does not tell you the full story!

To take before pictures, put on form-fitting clothing or a swimsuit. Then take pictures in front of a tall mirror from a few different angles and measure yourself. I usually take one from the front, side and back.

If you feel comfortable, you could also have a friend, partner, or spouse snap a few pictures for you as well.

This article is all about intermittent fasting before after.

Intermittent Fasting Resources

If these intermittent fasting before and after pictures inspired you, here are some resources to help you on your fasting journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results from fasting?

It typically takes 2-4 weeks to see your first results from fasting. Practice daily intermittent fasting for 30 days and you should notice changes.

How much weight can you lose in 30 days intermittent fasting?

It is considered healthy to lose about 2 pounds per week. Some people will lose weight quicker and some will lose weight slower. You will also likely see other changes in your energy, skin and the way you feel, even if the scale isn’t moving.

This post was all about intermittent fasting before and after.