Farewell To Our Apartment

Farewell To Our Apartment

We couldn’t be more excited to start our journey as homeowners! But, after living in our apartment for 4 years, I can’t help but look back on our time here.

Our cozy, one-bedroom apartment has seen a lot. These walls hold memories and moments that we will forever cherish.

Our apartment was Lidi’s first home. She was scared, timid and reactive when we first brought her home. At first, we honestly didn’t know if we would be able to figure out all of her issues. We were scared and she was scared. With time, training and love – Lidi has become the world’s best dog. She is constantly by my side, making us smile and reminding us how precious time is. Our apartment is the only home that Lidi has known with us. This is what has made me the most anxious and sad about moving. I know she will adapt quickly, but it kills me that she won’t fully understand why we will never come back to our little apartment.

Our apartment holds so many “firsts” with Lidi. The first time we learned that she could smile. The first time we taught her basic commands. The first time she learned how to play with toys. The first time she learned to love toys and carry them around. The first time she did “little butt.” The first time she did circles around Branden when he came home. The first time we learned to groom her. The first time she slept in bed with us. The first time she snuggled with us. The first time she got to sit on her porch. The first time she ate a Frosty Paw. The first time she learned what it is like to be loved.

Our apartment became my office when I first started working from home. With limited space, I worked from the island, the couch, and everywhere in between. Branden was so patient and understanding of my stacks of paper, notebooks, and makeshift office spilling over all available surface spaces. I had to tell Branden when I had calls or meetings so that he could come home quietly and not end up in the background of my calls.

Our apartment is where Branden got the news that his Mom had cancer. I was running errands and got a call from him. He could hardly speak and my stomach just dropped. I remember finding him in the living room and clinging to him, trying to piece everything together.

Our apartment is where Branden started streaming. We moved our bedroom around to accommodate a streaming setup. Having a streaming room in our bedroom was challenging. There were nights I had trouble falling asleep and nights that I woke up due to Branden streaming. Branden’s streaming paid off handsomely as he was able to pay off his student loans and make so many incredible friendships! But I’m really excited to have our bedroom be just our bedroom at our new house.

Our apartment is where we celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, new jobs, promotions and so much more. It’s hard to even sum up all that we celebrated here. We also faced struggle and hard times within these walls. But both the good times and bad is what makes a house a home.

Branden and I never say goodbye in conversations, on the phone or when departing from each other. We always say “see you soon” or “see you later.” We’ve done this since the beginning of our relationship. Goodbye just seems too final and I’ve never been good with goodbyes.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not likely that we will be able to come back and visit our apartment. I wish I could say “see you soon”, and promise to visit. I wish I could bring Lidi back to see it again. I wish we could come back as our little family and reflect on all our memories here. But sometimes, goodbyes are a part of life. Sometimes we have to let go, in order to move forward. It makes me sadder than I thought to say goodbye to our apartment. As I write this, I have tears streaming down my cheeks. Goodbye to our first home, the home that made us a family. Goodbye, apartment.