The Best Fall Bucket List For Lasting Memories

Fall is in the air! As much as I dread the end of summer, I love the crisp air of fall and ALL things fall. Fall means football, flannels, apple cider, cozy blankets and more! Grab a mug of apple cider, cozy up with your favorite snuggly blanket and join me as I share some of my favorite fall bucket list activities! 

Feel free to save the fall bucket list on your computer or print it out to check off as you check items off this season!

Go apple picking

Head out for apple picking! Pick apples to eat or for fresh apple pie!

Go to a pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patches are so fun! You never know what you will find at a pumpkin patch! Yummy treats, picture-perfect photo backgrounds, pumpkins, apples and more!

Go to a corn maze

Get lost in nature- literally! Find a local corn maze and test out your skills!

Go to a haunted house

The last time I went to a haunted house, I was in third grade and clung to the stranger in front of me the entire time… I’m not a fan of being scared. But fall brings out all the best haunted houses or forests. If you like being scared- find one close to you!

Host a Halloween/costume party

Gather your friends and/or fam for a Halloween or costume party! The options are endless!

Decorate your space with fall decor

Break out the fall wreaths, cute pumpkins and all things fall! If you need some inspo for fall, check out this article!

Carve pumpkins

Either you hate pumpkin guts or you love them. I put up with them just enough to get a cute carved pumpkin and delicious pumpkin seeds!

Roast pumpkin seeds

When you carve your pumpkin, save those pumpkin seeds! Rinse them off and then toss them on a cooking sheet with your favorite seasonings! What’s your favorite seasoning for pumpkin seeds?

Go on a hayride

Whether it’s a scary hayride or a hayride to look at the fall leaves, you are sure to enjoy.

Drink apple cider

Curl up with hot apple cider and a good book! A local coffee shop adds caramel to their hot apple cider. GAME CHANGER.

Jump in leaves

You’re never too old to jump in a pile of leaves!

Camp outside

Cool weather is still great for camping!

Go on a hike

Grab your bestie and head out for a fall hike to check out the fall foliage!

Make pumpkin bread/muffins

Enjoy at least one yummy pumpkin bread or muffin this season! Share your fave recipes in the comments!

Watch Halloween movies

My yearly tradition is watching Hocus Pocus! What are your favorite Halloween movies to watch?

Have a bonfire

Bonfires are always a good time, but bonfires in crisp fall air- those are the best!

Go for a drive and look at the fall leaves

Jump in the car with your PSL (pumpkin spice latte) and go for a drive to see the fall leaves in your city!

Bake festive Halloween cookies

Bake festive Halloween cookies! One of my favorites are the Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies!

Burn fall candles

Bust out those fall candles! Bath and Body Works has SO many yummy options!

Go to a football game

Football and fall go hand-in-hand! Go to a local high school or college football game and enjoy a football game.

Make an apple pie from scratch

Even if you aren’t much of a baker, sometimes it just feels good to spend a little time in the kitchen! Try your hand at a homemade apple pie! You could even gather your girlfriends and have them join you!

Snuggle up outside and watch the stars

Grab the cozy blankets, head out and lay under the stars.

Fall photo shoot

Cute flannel, boots and fall leaves make for bomb IG pics!

Make homemade chili

As the weather starts to get chilly, warm comfort food is a must.

Chili and football night

Grab a bowl of that chili and snuggle up on the couch for a good night (or day) of football!

Find a new (to you!) sweater at a thrift store

Stop by a local thrift store and find a new cozy sweater to snuggle up in!

Dig out your favorite jeans and flannel

Pull out your favorite jeans and warm flannels! Cute, easy and practical apparel for fall.

Make caramel apples

Whip up caramel apples at home!

Make a festive fall wreath

If you need a little extra fall decor, make a festive fall wreath for your front door. There are so many tutorials on Pinterest!

Host a soup party with your neighbors

According to a new study, only 31 percent of Americans know their neighbors. That’s such a low number! Gather your neighbors for a soup party and get to know the people around you!