Valentine’s Day dates on a budget

Looking to show your sweetie some love without breaking the bank? SAME GIRL, SAME.

With V-Day right around the corner, I’ve got a list of fun Valentine’s Day dates on a budget. I’ve already scrolled through Pinterest, texted the girls and did the dirty work for you. YA WELCOME.

  1. Have a candle lit dinner at home. Put your phones on silent and leave them out of your sight. Cook a yummy, but simple dinner. Pasta with alfredo sauce and breadsticks? Homemade pizza? Choose a meal that you like, grab the ingredients and cook dinner together. Enjoy your homemade dinner by candlelight.
  2. Go out for dessert. If you are set on going out for V-Day, but are trying to save money, go out for just dessert. Dress up, slap on some lipstick and treat yourselves to a romantic date night, consisting of just dessert.
  3. Have a movie + cuddle night in. Instead of putting up much of a fuss for Valentine’s Day, throw in your fave romcom, make some popcorn and cuddle up. Put your phones away and focus on the movie and each other.
  4. Make a list of the things you love about your significant other. Sit down and write a list of all the things that you love about your significant other. Think of the little things, like the way he holds your hand in the car. When you finish your lists, read them to each other.
  5. Have a spa night at home. Chances are, you have a face mask somewhere under the bathroom sink. Grab out your face masks, bubble bath, Epsom salt and anything else you can find. Spend the evening pampering each other and relaxing. If you can’t convince your guy to put on a face mask, grab some lotion and treat him to a back rub.

After all, Valentine’s Day isn’t about spending money, it’s about spending time with the one you love. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? How will you treat your SO without breaking the bank? Share your ideas with me below!

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