Ting Review + $25 Free Ting Credit

Every month I dreaded the US Cellular bill that would arrive in my inbox. It seemed outrageous that I was paying over $80 for a single cell phone plan. My boyfriend was in the same boat. We talked about putting both of our phones on the same plan to save money, but after looking into it, we realized we wouldn’t be saving any money. Sigh.

We were stumped, broke and desperate for a lower cell phone bill. So we started to do some research. That’s when we stumbled across Ting.

Ting is a cell phone company with monthly plans that average $20-$30 per month. Ting has an agreement with Verizon and Sprint. That means that anywhere Verizon or Sprint have calling, texting and data coverage, Ting has coverage!

Why the heck is it so cheap?! Ting only makes you pay for what you use! For example if you use 100MB of data in a month, you only pay for 100MB of data which comes out to just $3 per month! Most other cell phone companies like US Cellular and Verizon require you to have a 1GB data plan, which is usually around $35 per month for data alone. ALSO- because Ting only charges you for what you use, there are no overage fees! 

If you’re looking for the $25 free credit, here it is. I would, however, encourage you to keep reading about my experience with Ting!

Honestly, it sounded way too good to be true. A cell phone bill that would be HALF the price I was currently paying AND no contract to sign?! SIGN ME UP!

But we did a lot of research before we switched over. We wanted a reliable phone company and we  were skeptical about moving to a company we had never heard of. We wanted to get good service, get a good internet connection and have a company we could rely on.

Disclaimer: I am someone who absolutely depends on my cell phone. I have zero sense of direction (though, I don’t care to admit that very often) and rely on Google Maps to get me places. So it was out of the question to switch to an unreliable company.

We’ve heard of the horror stories of other smaller cell phone companies so we were definitely skeptical. But we decided to take the plunge. We were both at the end of our contracts with our current phones, so we simply ordered a Ting SIM card for $9, punched in our info online and BAM we were set up with a new phone company in a matter of minutes. And we were able to keep our old phone numbers!

However, if you are not at the end of your contract, Ting can help! If your current cell phone company wants to pay you to leave, Ting will give you 25% of whatever they want to charge you to cancel, up to $75 per device in Ting credit for switching! Plus in most cases you can bring your current phone with you to your Ting plan, so you aren’t forced to switch phones right away!

We have had great coverage- even out in the middle of nowhere at my parent’s house. And our bills are HALF of what we were paying. 

My October bill was $33.73 and November bill was $33.81.

With something that sounds THIS good- there must be a catch, right? Not really! The ONLY downside of Ting is that the company requires you to pay for the whole retail price of the phone.

Dan Arrington, a fellow Ting user, explains this well. In his words, “You might ask, “why do I have to pay $300 for a Galaxy from Ting, when I can get one for just $100 from Verizon?” Well the fact is that when you buy a $100 Galaxy from Verizon, you’re locked into an expensive monthly plan for two years.”

He continues by sharing, “say for example, you’re a family of four. If you each use an average number of minutes, texts and data per month (300 minutes, 700 texts and 400 MB), with Verizon you’d have to pay $220 per month. However with Ting, your total monthly price comes out to be just $112 per month.

This means over the course of a 2-year contract you’d save $2592 by switching to Ting. Even after subtracting the $800 difference for FOUR Galaxy phones, you’d still save $1,792 over the course of 2 years.”


My boyfriend and I have been with Ting for 6 months now. The coverage is awesome and our bills are half of what they used to be. If you have a cell phone bill over $50 per month, I would recommend you considering Ting! There’s no reason to pay so much money for an expensive cell phone plan when you can get the SAME THING at half the price.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review! Here is a $25 credit for you to use when you sign up for Ting using this link.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Ordering a product through this link may result in a commission, which helps pay for the cost of running this site and keeps the content free. All opinions are 100% my own.  

5 tips to stay on track during the holidays

The holiday season is here! During the holidays I like to enjoy a few treats, while still taking care of my body. I’ve put together a few tips to help you stay on track and enjoy the holidays!

  1. Eat before you go. Eat a small meal or a light snack before you leave for your parties or events. This prevents you from showing up hungry and wanting to eat everything in sight. Tip: Keep a protein bar in your purse in case you need a quick snack in the car!
  2. Stay hydrated. Keep up your water intake! More water in your system = less sugar cravings and keeps you fuller longer. Talk about a win-win!
  3. Remain active. Utilize your mornings. It’s easy to stay snuggled up in bed, but find a workout buddy and sweat it out right away in the morning! This ensures that you get a workout in before work, parties or any other holiday events.
  4. Bring a dish to pass. Talk to the host and offer to bring a fruit or veggie tray. By showing up with a healthy option, you know that you have at least one guilt-free munchie!  
  5. Keep an eye on your drinks. By all means, have a drink and enjoy yourself! But keep an eye on what you are drinking- those sugary cocktails add up fast. Always drink a glass of water between drinks and do your best to choose clear liquors, like Vodka.

Top 5 apps to help you get fit

“There’s an app for that?!” — By now we shouldn’t be surprised that there is an app for pretty much everything. There’s even apps to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Being able to access these apps on the go is huge for me. Here are my top 5 fave apps to help you get fit!

MyFitnessPal- an app that helps you track the food you eat! Did you know that medical studies have shown that those who keep a food journal DOUBLE their weight loss?! (MyFitnessPal) I love this app for tracking food, macros, calories or simply keeping a record of what I eat. Super easy to use, free and quick sign up!

Fitness By T- this app features full workouts, macro advice, motivation and links to Taylor Chamberlain’s Youtube channel! This app is a great resource to find most everything you need in one place. There are also in-app programs that are available for purchase if you are looking to take your fitness to the next level.

Couch to 5k- this app takes you from walking to running, and makes running seem EASY! Trust me, I’m not a runner and even I have enjoyed this app. Whether you’re looking to train for your first 5k, or simply want to switch up your cardio, this app is a great way to do so!

MiFitnessHub- an app that allows you to connect with others focused on healthy eating, working out and all things health/fitness! This is an interactive app that encourages community and even rewards you for posting photos/videos and interacting with others! Each photo that you post accumulates into points that are redeemable for Amazon gift cards. What could be better?!

Fitbit- if you are thinking about getting an activity tracker, I would highly recommend Fitbit! The Fitbit app makes staying active fun! There are weekly challenges that allow you to compete against your friends, options to track food, weight and more!


What is meal prepping?

Sometimes when I tell people that I spent my Sunday night meal prepping, I get blank stares and questioning eyes. What exactly is meal prepping? How do you meal prep? Why do you meal prep? How do you keep your food fresh when you meal prep? All of your meal prepping questions will be answered here!

What is meal prepping?

Meal prepping is when you make healthy meals and snacks ahead of time. I like to meal prep for several days at a time. For Branden and I, meal prepping makes staying on track easy! If your food is all ready to go, there’s no question about what you will eat or if you will have time to whip up a healthy option.

How do you meal prep?

Not everyone meal preps the same. I like to meal prep two times a week. Usually I prep on Sunday night and then again on Wednesday or Thursday night. Before I start cooking a single thing, I write out every meal and what I want to eat at those meals. 

Then I get my groceries and start cooking! After I have all of my food cooked, I separate everything out into containers and baggies. It really helps me to separate out every little meal and snack so that I can stay on track.

Why do you meal prep?

I meal prep because I have a busy schedule. I’m sure you do too! I don’t have time to cook healthy meals every day. To ensure that I properly fuel my body, I meal prep. Meal prepping has been a GAME CHANGER for me.

How do you keep your food fresh when you meal prep?

I keep my food fresh by meal prepping 2 times per week. That way, my food only sits in the fridge for a few days at a time. Some people choose to freeze their meal prepped meals!

How do I get started?

Start slow! You don’t have to prep every single meal- start by meal prepping your lunch for work, or your dinner for when you get home. Get in the routine of planning what you will eat.

If you feel overwhelmed- that’s normal! It’s hard to plan ahead and think about what type of food you want to eat three days from now. Just start slow and do your best. What other questions do you have about meal prepping? If you already meal prep, how does that help you stay on track?

Cheers to that tupperware life!


Grocery Guide

Are you ready to eat better, but don’t know where to start? I remember that feeling all too well. To help you out, I’ve created a grocery guide. Take this list with you to help you stock up on healthy options!

Fruits and veggies:


-Sweet potatoes






-Red potatoes



-Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

-Ground turkey



-Greek yogurt


-Egg whites




-Sprouted grain bread

-Whole wheat tortillas


Dry & Shelf goods:

-Oatmeal packets (low in sugar)

-Black beans



-Peanut butter/PB2

-Brown rice




-Protein bars

-Protein powder


From Freshman 15 to Fit Foodie

When I graduated from college, I realized something needed to change. Over the course of college I gained the dreaded “freshman 15” and more. I lived on junk food, coffee and spent majority of my evenings drinking or at the bar scene.

When I moved back home, I realized that I wanted to feel better in my skin and take care of my body. Not only had I gained weight, my bad eating habits lead to horrible acne.

For a long time, I searched for the “trick” to getting in shape. I thought there had to be some sort of “magic” food and workout combination that I was missing. In reality, all I needed was some determination, smart food choices and activity.

I started by switching up my eating habits. I began to pay close attention to the serving size on packages and the nutrition labels on food. I learned about metabolism and began eating five small meals a day. It was at that time that I also increased my activity level. I got a fitness tracker and worked to hit 10,000 steps per day. 

These small changes began to add up! I started to see my clothes fitting better and the numbers on the scale going down. I also felt amazing. I had energy, I slept better and my acne started clearing up.

This was just the very start of my fitness journey. I developed a true passion for nutrition and fueling my body with healthy foods. I also have grown to love working out and challenging myself both inside and outside the gym.

I’m not saying my journey to better health and fitness has been easy. I’ve gained back weight at times, and I’ve eaten plenty of foods that don’t assist in reaching my goals. But my journey from freshman 15 to fit foodie is still continuing.

Follow my journey on my blog for more info on all things health, fitness and lifestyle!