Friday Fit Tip: get 10,000 steps daily

Why are fitness trackers so popular? Are they necessary? Are they worth the hype? Do you really need one to lose weight and get in shape?

For me, my fitness tracker helps me stay on track. Some days I feel like I’ve been busy and running all over the place- but my Fitbit can tell me if that is actually true!

I work a pretty sedentary desk job, so tracking my steps really keeps me accountable. Each day I aim to hit 10,000 steps.

According to Fitbit, 10,000-steps per day is recommended because it adds up to about five miles each day for most people, which includes about 30 minutes of daily exercise—satisfying the CDC’s recommendation of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

When I first started my fitness journey, I watched my portion sizes and got in 10,000 steps every day. This helped me with all my initial weight loss goals!

Your fitness and health goals may change over time, and you may find that your step goals change as well. That’s normal!

While a fitness tracker is not needed to lose weight, I find it to be very helpful. If you can’t splurge on any sort of fitness tracker, most phones have step-counters or you can download a free app as well!

What type of fitness tracker do you have? Has your fitness tracker helped you to reach your goals? What tips do you have for new fitness tracker users?


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