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Daily Archives: February 1, 2017

Fitness, Health & Wellness Goals for February 2017

Hi there! I like to start the beginning of each month by setting fitness, health and wellness goals. These goals keep me on track for the upcoming month! What are your goals for this month? Share them with me via email or in the comments below and I’ll help you stick to them!

It’s hard to believe January has already come and gone! I’m not complaining though… With January behind us, we are one month closer to warm weather! (Sorry Winter, but I’m ready to leave you in the dust!)

January Goals Review

My first goal from January was to drink a gallon of water per day. While I didn’t drink a full gallon every single day, having the goal of drinking a full gallon pushed me to drink more water than I normally would. This helped keep me fuller longer between meals and helped clear up my skin!

My second goal was to workout 6 days per week. For the most part, I did pretty well with this! I started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide workouts and have been sticking to them since the beginning of January.

My third goal was to eat 5-6 small meals per day, consisting of primarily fruits, veggies and protein. I had let my clean eating habits slide during the holidays, so it took awhile to get back on track. I’m back to 5-6 small meals per day and feeling great!

My next goal was to dedicate at least 2 hours per week to self-care activities. This goal is still something that I need to work on… 

My last goal was to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Going to bed earlier has become much easier with Branden now working first shift! I have been going to bed earlier, getting more sleep and feeling more energized! 


My goals for February

1.Stick to clean eating! Allow one cheat meal per week.

I feel so much better when I eat well and take care of my body. But, I’m human and I like to eat chocolate and pizza. After restricting a lot of food in my past, I’m working to find a more balanced approach. I want to stick to clean eating and allow myself one cheat meal per week. Every night I will also allow myself to have a small dessert- such as a square of dark chocolate.

2.  10,000 steps per day + daily workouts and rest day on Sunday.
During the day, my job requires me to sit at a desk. Keeping track of my activity and working to hit 10,000 steps is a challenge when working behind the desk! I am going to continue my BBG workouts
daily and keep Sunday as a rest day.

3. Read a new book.

I love, love, love to read! But I don’t make much time for it. This month I am going to read a new book and make time for reading.

4. Limit technology distraction.

Technology is my biggest distraction. I check my phone when I’m bored, when a commercial comes on, or just to keep my hands busy. I’m going to work on being more intentional about when I use my phone and how I spend time with the people in my life.

What are your goals for the upcoming month? Share them with me below!

Spending freeze update | month one

As of today, we are officially one month into our spending freeze! This month has been challenging to say the very least. But as with any challenges, we learned some valuable lessons.

The first thing that we learned is that we ate out A LOT. It took a lot of willpower for us to not order pizza, or swing by Subway for lunch. We were so used to stopping for food if we were hungry, or grabbing a snack at the gas station if we needed one.

To avoid eating out, we carefully meal prepped our meals for every single meal and snack. To fill our love for pizza, we found that we could buy a take-and-bake pizza from Aldi as long as it fit in our grocery budget. This allowed us to get our pizza fix without going over budget or breaking our spending freeze rules!

Changing our mindset to avoid going out to eat and learning to eat up what we have is NOT easy. It seems that no matter what happens, we want to treat, reward, celebrate or comfort ourselves with food. Breaking that cycle is almost impossible. But we are working on it!

The second thing that we learned is that sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. During our first month of the spending freeze, we “cheated” three times. I’ll be fully transparent- we were not perfect this first month. But in my opinion, eating out three times is not a bad way to start. We can only improve from here. In one situation, one of Branden’s friends came into town. We hadn’t seen him in over a year! We certainly were not going to make him eat our leftovers! Both of the other situations were similar. Other than that, we did not buy anything extra! No clothes, no shoes, not even any cute finds from Target.

The third thing that we learned is that this spending freeze is going to be worth it! Putting our extra money aside has already allowed Branden to pay off one of his smaller student loans and pay off HALF of his credit card debt. And we’re only one month in! We can’t wait to keep chipping away at our debt.

The fourth thing that we learned is that I truly CAN survive without coffee. This month I went to Starbucks a grand total of ONCE. And the only reason I went then was because Branden had a gift card. I’m still alive and kicking over here, even without coffee!

Want to learn more about our spending freeze and why we are doing it? Check out this post. Have you ever done a spending freeze? Or found a way to pay off your debt? We would love to hear your experiences!